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Why Now is the Right Time to Buy a New Condo

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Following the economic and financial crisis of the mid 2000’s, the housing marketing took a big hit. Luckily however, it has since made a strong comeback, with sales in some areas of the United States at an all time high. If there was ever a time to buy a luxurious condo, it’s now!

There are several advantages to buying and and living in new condos over a home. First, don’t let the word “luxurious” fool you. New condos for sale are surprisingly affordable, and are less expensive than purchasing a single family home. Luxurious condos have a wide price range that can fit into any budget, making them ideal for first-time buyers and single income families. In order to find a comparably priced home, families would have to search less desirable neighborhoods or suburban areas.

Condo maintenance is also an important factor in determining whether you should purchase a house or a condo. New condos are surprisingly low maintenance which adds to their appeal, especially for those who have busy work and personal schedules. Imagine no more lawn care, raking leaves, cleaning gutters, or snow removal. This frees up a substantial amount of time, allowing you to enjoy your condo without the hassle of maintaining its exterior.

Location, location, location. New condos are strategically built in convenient locations throughout metropolitan areas, allowing easy access to public transit lines, shopping, eateries, entertainment and more. This makes for an short, easy commute, which in turn greatly reduces transportation costs. You may find that you don’t even have to own a vehicle anymore, which leads to more savings!

Another advantage to living in a condo is the high level of safety and security it provides. Living in close proximity offers peace of mind while traveling, knowing that your neighbors are there to keep an eye on your condo. This also acts as a deterrent to burglars and thieves. Several condos also have additional security features, such as a buzzer system or guard service in order to provide additional protection.

For more information on buying and living in a condo, contact your local real estate agent. You’ll be glad you did! Refernce materials.

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