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The Top Three Ways That Living in a Senior Community Can Be Affordable

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Increasingly, today’s seniors are choosing to spend their retirements living in any of the 16,100 senior living facilities and communities located throughout the country. Not only do these senior living communities provide assisted living services for those who need it — they also feature some of the best amenities and social atmospheres that help make your retirement years the best years of your life.

Not sure if your budget can handle independent senior living costs? Chances are, you actually can afford it — just take a look at these three facts about the cost of living in a senior independent living community:

Senior living communities offers a stable, consistent monthly rent

Much like living in an apartment, a senior living facility will charge you a reasonable monthly rent. You will never have to pay for any extra upkeep, maintenance or repairs on your apartment, which makes this option more stable and budget-friendly than owning a home would be.

Access to deluxe features and amenities

When you live in an independent senior living community, you will have access to amenities like swimming pools, walking tracks, tennis courts and more — and it’s all incorporated into your monthly rent. In addition, many senior communities have luxury dwellings with all-new appliances and new interiors at a highly affordable cost.

Assisted living services when you need it

When you live in a senior community — even if you have a private living space — you will be able to get the assistance you need with daily activities like bathing, cleaning and cooking from the staff members. Best of all? These services come at no extra cost to you — making senior living costs truly affordable and valuable.

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