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Why Handmade Soap Gift Sets Are a Great Gift

Lavender handmade soap

Every year a countless number of gifts are bought by consumers in America and are given to someone that they value. These people can include their partners, co-workers, friends, and even family members. The occasions can pertain to many different events such as anniversaries, birthdays, romantic holidays, and consumer-based holidays as well.

Getting the right gift for someone you care about is normally not easy unless you ask them directly what they want and go out and purchase something specific. However, for many, that ruins the fun of buying a surprise gift for someone. Once you go the route of buying a surprise gift it is important to know who you are buying a gift for and what they like as well as what they possibly need.

Some people love to get material items and some people enjoy more personable gifts with internal meaning. This article is for the former, not the latter. Understand that if you want to get someone that loves smells and the sensation of feeling, then the best gift you can get them is definitely some form of handmade soap gift sets. Here are some reasons as to why handmade soap gift sets are a great gift.

2800 B.C. was the date in which the first records showing evidence of the manufacturing of soap were found, in Ancient Baylon. This data suggests that soap is a delicacy and an important item that has been around since the dawn of civilization. In a time where many view the people as primitive and uncivilized, they did indeed use a common household item found across the world today.

About one-third of all soap produced is used just in the United States. So in America, soap is commonly used by many and that is one reason as to why handmade soap gift sets make great gifts. People love great smells, great feelings, and enjoy items that appeal to their senses.

Across the world, 23% of all soap sales were for solid bar soap. For the most part, a lot of solid bar soap will be made by hand and can be found in handmade soap gift sets. 10 billion pounds of soap are produced by suppliers across the world annually. This can include rose scented soap, rose shaped soap, raspberry soap, rose geranium soap, watermelon soap, white tea soap, and much more.

Lauric acid is important to look for when trying to find the right handmade soap gift sets, as it is a material that produces the large bubbles of soap that people are so fond of especially when they take a bath. 5,000 pounds of rose petals are required to produce 16 oz of a real rose essential oil product, which goes to show the amount of work that can be put into crafting handmade soap gift sets, and why it is such a great gift for people.

According to data collected by researchers in London, an estimated 1 million deaths could be prevented annually if people simply routinely washed their hands. So if you are debating soap gifts then debate no longer as it is clearly an item with a strong sense of importance in the world. Producing or extracting aromatic oils by way of steam distillation has been used for the past 5,000 years.

There are five major companies that produce soap and they all emerged right around the same time in the year of 1890. These five major companies include Albert, Pears, Bailey, Morse Taylor, and Colgate. The cold process method of producing soap bars involves a 3-6 week curing time, which is all proportionate and based on the oils that need to be used in this form of soap.

In conclusion, there is no question that handmade soap gift sets are a great gift for the poeple who are important in your life. If you want someone to get a gift that will not entertain them, but will instead make them feel great then look no further past handmade soap gift sets.

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