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Surprising Benefits Of Sleeping On Organic Bed Products

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Organic food and materials have been prized in recent years. This is because of their environment-friendly materials and the lack of chemicals and pesticides used to treat the natural materials used to make the product.

However, we understand the healthy choices behind organic foods. After all, you’re not consuming pesticides or bacteria from animals who were treated with antibiotics. But what are the health benefits behind sleeping on organic bed sheets?

What non-organic bed sheets are exposing you to

Your skin works to keep your body in balance and to defend you from harmful pathogens. Through your pores, your skin helps to purge bacteria to keep it from entering your system. However, your skin absorbs just as much as it repels. This means when you lay down on non-organic bed sheets, your skin is coming into contact with the vast number of chemicals that have been used to treat cotton.

Standard cotton farming uses up to 25% of the nation’s insecticides according to the Sustainable Cotton Project. These insecticides and pesticides that are transferred into your bed sheets can cause skin irritation, rash, or even hormone imbalances. Further problems that may result from years of exposure to these chemicals include brain disorders, infertility, and cancer.

The benefits of using organic bedding products

Using an organic mattress pad and organic sheets means protecting your body from these dangerous chemicals. Bed sheets that are certified organic have been made using cotton that has been grown and harvested without the use of insecticides or other harsh chemicals. It also means there was a reduced carbon footprint during the process and manufacturing of the sheets.

Organic bedding products may take longer to produce, but the end product is worth it when considering the amount of time one spends sleeping on them. Organic linens make it easier to sleep for those with allergies, especially skin allergies, as well as those who know they’ve done their part to help support the environment.

Non-organic materials can be just as dangerous for you to use as non-organic food. While you may not directly consume the product, you’re exposing yourself to dangerous chemicals and insecticides through the top layer of your skin on a regular basis. To help protect yourself and the environment, consider using organic bedding products. You’d be surprised by how good you’ll feel.

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