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Which type of Funeral Services Are Right for You Burial or Cremation?

We understand the pain and stress you and your family are feeling at this time. As part of the human condition, saying goodbye to those we love is always one of the most challenging life events to get through. Thankfully, there are many affordable cremation and burial options available for you as you choose to send your loved one off appropriately.

Working with a qualified funeral home is one of the first things many people do after the death of a loved one. It always makes understanding the choices easier when a person makes a funeral plan before their death. If the loved one did not, please know, the decision-making process does not need to be overwhelming.

A complete cremation is often the cheapest option as it does not require a casket or hosting a viewing before burial. With cremation, it isn’t necessary to purchase a grave plot. In these cases, a family must only deal with ashes and urns. Urns are specialized containers to hold the ashes in after cremation is complete.

A funeral home will help you determine which type of funeral home might be better for your loved one, especially when specific religious preferences are involved or required. A funeral home can help you learn if there are even cheaper cremation or burial options for your situation.

Death is the last and final stage in human existence. When a loved one dies due to natural causes, an accident, or illness, the most honorable thing that the family can do is to provide the right send-off. In such a scenario, having a plan for the funeral becomes paramount. Most people find death and losing loved ones to be shocking. The right funeral and send-off ceremony have to be done for the deceased. Burial is the most common approach to funerals. However, cremation has become popular in the recent past.

With the financial needs and costs of burial ceremonies, many people are opting for cremation. There are some communities and religious groups that have not embraced cremation services. With the availability of institutions that offer complete cremation services, most families have been presented with an option in sending off a loved one. To explain cremation, the deceased’s family can make an informed decision after being taken through the process. The deceased’s body is then taken to the cremation room for final preparation and later cremation itself. Cremation after death is still more religious and respectful to the deceased, just like the burial ceremony.

While it is always a good idea to have a funeral plan, sometimes plans do not go as expected. Do you know what type of Jewish funeral you want? Many societies have used various approaches including burying loved ones and cremating them. Do you know which method is right for you? Thousands of years ago, many Jewish people insisted on being buried. Well, until now.

Today up to 30% of Jewish people in Europe and North America have chosen to be cremated and that percentage is rising. Thankfully making funeral arrangements is much easier than it was in the past. Nearly 65% of people aged over 40 have said that funeral homes and funeral directors are the absolute best source when it comes to offering information in accordance with making funeral arrangements.

Why Have Cremation Services Become Popular Among the Jewish?

There are a few reasons why cremation has become a popular choice in relation to direct burials. The first being environmental concerns. Burials can waste land while polluting the earth. Mobility concerns are also a common reason, leaving loved ones with the inability to visit a gravesite because they do not live close enough. This causes a lot of guilt. There are also financial concerns with cremation being less expensive than a burial. Cremation seems to be cleaner and quicker too. Prepaid cremation plans are also available that make funeral arrangements more manageable.

It’s Your Choice Whether to Be Cremated or Buried

The choice whether to be buried or cremated is not a trivial matter. For the Jewish faith, the issues touch on personal perceptions of attitudes toward the body, self, styles of ritual, beliefs of God in the afterlife and views of history. This is an important decision that should not be left rushed, or to be made at stressful times when you are filled with grief.

Do the Right Thing When Making Funeral Decisions

Being able to choose between cremation and direct burial may seem like a complicated choice. However, there are caring and friendly professionals always ready to assist you with funeral services including prepaid funerals. Choosing burial is an important step for those of the Jewish faith. The meaning goes deep. When the ground has been broken and opened up, the earth shows a tear. The gaping hole shows that something isn’t right there. It represents a tear in the human fabric of life. It is a time to recognize loss, and to remember life.

Once the body has been placed in the ground another message is declared. It is a calm return into nature which is considered to be the source of life. Dirt is considered to be the mother of all life, providing sustenance to her young. It is the place where all creatures return to begin again. Burial is a sign of love.

No matter whether you choose to be cremated or buried, funeral arrangements can be made to align yourself with your Jewish faith. Make your ‘last act’ declare that you wish to die as a Jew in your own right. Every aspect of your funeral can be called whether you want a veteran funeral service including burial or cremation services. Pre-plan now to save your loved ones the choices that they may have to guess at, that you want to be carried through. It is a caring task that helps set everyone at ease.

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