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How to Choose the Right CDPAP Agency For You and Your Loved One

When it comes to caregiving services, many people have major concerns especially regarding the quality of care services that their loved ones can access. This issue used to be a major problem until the introduction of cdpap. If you are new to this concept, cdpap is an initiative of the New York’s Medicaid program that stands for Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program that provides an alternative to those looking for home care services. By effecting this program, you can hire a caregiver in the form of your family member, friends or even neighbors to offer caregiving. The home care aide is then rewarded for their service. The home health aide is an independent consultant for home health care services and subsequently received payment via a fiscal intermediary. A fiscal intermediary is the firm hired to manage this model of care plan under the county guidelines and as prescribed by law. The work of the consumer for care services is supposed to distribute payments to all the care aides through the fiscal intermediary and the firm releases the payments to the respective recipients. This streamlining of care services is what ensures that you are in compliance with all the aspects of the cdpap program. Before hiring an agency to assist you in the cdpap program, make sure you ask the following questions.

Does the Agency Have the Required Experience With CDPAP
Before hiring a cdpap agency, it is important to understand that the amount of paperwork required in cdpap application is voluminous. Just as it is with applications to access government programs, do not expect that a cdpap application is easy. Despite the confusion that comes with a cdpap application, it is extremely important that the filing of paperwork and processing be done in the right manner. Such an endeavor is best handled by an experienced cdpap application agency. An agency that frequently assists its customers with cdpap application is familiar with all the processes and filing requirements and will be able to advice you appropriately on how to file a cdpap application correctly. In addition, you want to make sure that the agency you hire during the cdpap application pays the caregiver accurately and promptly.

Does the Agency Have Alternative Caregivers
It is not every time that things turn out as planned. Even after finding a caregiver through your family member, neighbor or friend, always be ready for the unexpected. Sometimes, the family caregiver might go on vacation, or you find that your neighbor is difficult to work with and cannot guarantee the right evening ritual for your loved one. In other instances, you might come to the realization that you need a more permanent solution to caregiving. Without an agency to contact, things can turn out to be very challenging. Under such unique circumstances, this is where the fiscal intermediary is supposed to step in. The firm is supposed to help you find the right and dependable HHA service. After the cdpap application, finding a fiscal intermediary that is flexible in terms of operations is of major benefit to you as the consumer. You need to find a service that can guarantee a seamless transition from cdpap to home care health aide services and back to cdpap whenever necessary. While having a friend or family member as the caregiver is a wise move, it is a good idea to always have that agency backup for unforeseen circumstances.

Is the Agency the Right-Size?
When we are talking about the size, we mean just the right fit for you. You need to find a firm that is neither too small nor too big-just the right size. Most people prefer hiring a firm that is big enough to offer continuing skills and development training to the caregivers. Unfortunately, a service that is too big tends to have compromised service delivery. It is therefore up to you as the consumer to establish that sweet spot when choosing a cdpap application service. Choose a firm that delivers quality services that are characteristic of smaller agencies but one that has the resources of a large entity.

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