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What Your New House Might Look Like

Everyone needs somewhere to live, and many Americans rent their living spaces in apartments or duplexes. This is common for young adults or single adults who can’t afford homes or don’t need all that space. Meanwhile, the rest of American households indeed own their living space, and finding property to buy is a whole topic in itself. Home buyers will juggle all sorts of factors, such as the age of a house, its condition (inside and outside), the location, any recent remodeling, necessary repairs, and much more. This can be done, though, with the help of real estate agents and real estate lawyers who can smooth out this process and keep it fair for all parties involved.

What about custom homes? Some American homeowners like to design their own custom homes, and they may consult specialized construction firms who can do this. New construction homes may in fact be built entire neighborhoods at a time. Home builders firms may accept many clients who want their own custom houses built, and these custom homes may soon be erected in a neighborhood. Other home buyers may simply want to find a neighborhood with many relatively new houses, some of which might not have had owners yet.

Your New Home

A custom homes builder company may have many different clients at once, and these companies may build entire neighborhoods once they have enough clients who want to live in the same area. A whole new neighborhood will appear, once where each homeowner has a house that suits their interests.

How might this be done? A particular client will probably be an older American adult, perhaps a retiree, who has had a long time to save up enough money for a major project like this. Once that client decides to have a custom house built, they will also have to buy the land where that house will be built, which is a whole topic on its own. This may involve preparing the land for work, such as clearing away brush and bushes and fallen tree branches, not to mention removing entire trees or dead tree stumps. Specialized companies can be called upon to remove those tree stumps, and they may dig up the stump and yank it free with chains and a truck. In other cases, a large wood chipper will be placed over the stump and grind it up into wood chips. The roots may be dug up later. Preparing the ground may also mean checking for underground pipes or electric cables, and construction companies must take great care to not accidentally damage them while digging a foundation.

Before construction can begin, the homeowner will consult with the construction company’s staff to design what the house will be like. Many aspects of the house may be decided upon, even fundamental ones such as the number of floors, the total square footage, the type of roof, and whether it will have fireplaces and a chimney. The homeowner will coordinate with architects to make a custom house a reality and settle upon the blueprint designs. This may include choosing the size, shape, and location of each room, as well as the placement of windows (and their type), stairways, doors, and even a wooden deck or porch. Architects may handle more mundane matters such as where to place air ducts and what type to use, such as square ones or tube-shaped ones.

The homeowner may also have some advanced options open to them. Some houses built in the United States and Canada make use of ICF bricks, or insulated concrete forms. What are they? These are hollowed out concrete bricks that can be very easily stacked to form tight and tough walls, and their hollow interior is ideal for placing wires, pipes, and most of all, insulating spray foam. Houses made from these walls are very tough and can endure more trauma than regular housing materials, and the spray foam ensures that their climate control is efficient. No warm or cool air will leak out. And on top of this, the custom home builder may settle on final details such as the garage space, length of the driveway, and even whether to have a pool in the back yard. Dedicated pool contractors can be hired for the latter.

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