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Here are 3 Misconceptions about Hospice Care

Hospice care is an important part of healthcare. There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding hospice care, however. That’s why we’re going to take some time to dispel hospice care myths. If you still have questions, it’s smart to talk with a hospice care medical professional.

First off, hospice care is not “the end.” Some people do survive and exit hospice care. That said, many people in palliative hospice care are approaching the end. Still, hospice care doesn’t speed up “the end.” If anything, such care may give your loved ones more time while also ensuring that they are comfortable.

When your loved ones are cared for at an all in one hospice care, the staff will typically ensure that they are well cared for. People in hospice care aren’t simply left alone. Instead, they can still engage in activities they love.

Dedicated hospice care facilities are not your only option. In fact, there are many great alternatives to hospice care facilities. For example, you can keep loved ones comfortable in their own house with at home health and hospice care. This way, your loved ones can live out their lives in a comfortable, familiar environment.

The concept of hospice care has existed in one form or another for hundreds of years. The history of hospice dates back to the 11th century, when a religious order of monks set up hospitals along the pilgrimage road leading to Jerusalem. Now, however, hospice refers to locations like Holistic Care Hospice, which serve patients who are generally suffering from some form of terminal illness or are otherwise imminently close to the end of their lives. While hospice services are always meant to help their patients, there are, unfortunately, a number of misconceptions that attend the idea of hospice and what hospice actually does. This article sets out to clear up misconceptions about Holistic Care Hospice and hospice care in general.

  • Misconception #1: Hospice Accelerates the End: One of the biggest misconceptions about Holistic Care Hospice, and indeed any hospice care, is that hospice somehow accelerates the end of a patient’s life. This is completely false, as hospice in no way serves in this capacity. One of the primary reasons hospice exists is to make its patients comfortable with palliative care, to make their final days as smooth and happy as possible.
  • Misconception #2: Those in Hospice are Largely Left Alone: Another misconception about hospice care is that patients in hospice are largely left to themselves, and spend their days languishing in a hospital room. This is also untrue. Not only are those in hospice free to see visitors every day, they are also within reach of hospice staff members who are on call 24 hours a day and seven days a week. In that sense, hospice patients are never really alone.
  • Misconception #3: There are No Activities For Those in Hospice: And finally, a third misconception about hospice care is that there is nothing for patients to do except to just lay in their rooms all day. This actually varies depending on what the patient is suffering from, but hospice care does offer fulfilling things for its patents to do during the day, to keep their lives as full as possible. As mentioned before, what can be done will vary depending on the patient’s condition, but the options are available.

In conclusion, there are a number of misconceptions about hospice care that should be cleared up. While many fear hospice care, the truth is these facilities serve to make their patients as comfortable as possible using palliative care. They also make sure their patients are never left alone with staff on call 24 hours a day. And they make it possible for their patients to engage in fulfilling activities as much as possible. In short, hospice care is nothing to be afraid of, as these facilities do their best to take care of their patients.

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