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Tips To Choosing The Right Walking Cane and How To Use It

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For those who are suffering from impairment or disability that keeps them from walking normally, a cane for walking can improve your balance and help compensate for your disability. There are a variety of walking canes to choose from. Everything from classy canes, umbrella cane, decorative canes, folding canes, and you can even purchase a custom walking canes you design yourself. Choosing the right cane for walking is a combination of your personal preferences as well as its function. Are you using the cane to help balance yourself after suffering an injury, or maybe to help you support your weight. As long as the function of the cane remains the same you shouldn?t have any issues. However, there are certain steps you can take to make sure that the cane you choose is the right one for you.

In choosing the right cane for walking, first make sure you get the right grip. Choosing the right grip is very important and is also a matter of personal preference. Would you like a grip is shaped like your hand or something that is meant to relieve the tensions from your hands and put more of it on your arms. The wrong grip on the cane can cause numbness or sometimes pain in your hands. It?s in your best interest to consult a physical therapist before choosing your cane. But if you have n time to go to a physical therapist there are some useful tips you can use.

To choose your cane, stand up straight with your arms to your sides. Ask someone to take the cane you would like to use and place it beside you with the end on the floor. The shortest cane you want to use is the one where the grip aligns directly with your wrist joint while your arms a straight at your side. This process will help you to figure out the length that is the most comfortable for you and which type of grip and length will cause you little to no pain at all.

With the can in your hand, your elbow should be bent no more than approximately 15 degrees. If the cane were to be too long, you would have to work much harder to move it up and down. If the cane was too short you?d have to bend and lean forwards which will throw you off balance. This is precisely why choosing the right cane for walking is very important. You do not want any more discomfort than you already have.

Ensure that when you use your cane, it is held on the opposite side of the leg that is disabled or injured and use the cane in unison with the bad leg. For every step you make with the injured leg move the cane forward to help balance your weight as you walk. If you are going up the stairs make sure there?s a railing available you can grab while you walk. When you?re going down the stairs, before making your step make sure the cane is on the lower step before moving the injured leg. Always check the tip of your cane periodically to see if there is any damages on it. The tip of the cane is a very important part since it helps provide traction and grip on the surface of where you’re walking. If the tip is damaged it can cause problems with your ability to balance yourself. Replace the tip of the cane if it is worn out or damages due to excessive use.

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