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Do You Have a Move Planned This Summer?

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As far as moving goes, this was one of the easiest ones. In fact, this move was so easy that your college daughter let you know that she and her friends could take care of it herself. The only movers that she would need, she assured you, were her friends as the summer moving that she was doing would only be from the first floor of one dorm to the second floor of another dorm that was located less than a half block away. The small campus meant that the moving process would even be simpler because the boxes could simply be carried across the one yard of another location across one straight sidewalk and up only 12 steps into the next dorm room with an outside entrance.
Although both you and your husband would have loved to have another chance to see your daughter at the beginning of the first summer she would be spending away from home, you were grateful that her simple approach would save you the expense of hotel rooms, gas costs for making a 12 hour one way drive, and all of the extras that typically are a part of any moving effort.
Tis the Season of Moving in and Out of College Dorm Rooms
The end of May and the early days of June can be busy times for families who have college age children. The time to move out of dorms typically coincides with hot temperatures and crowded hallways full of hundreds of student who are all working toward the same deadlines. And while the boxes that are moved into a dorm room are often organized and the packing is often orchestrated by over involved parents, move outs are not quite the same. After nine months in a dorm room, for instance, any sense of order has often fallen by the wayside, and the enthusiasm to get into the process of dorm life does not always carry over to the process of moving back home.
Whether you have a second year college student who is willing to mover herself to other summer housing options, or you have a first year student moving home for the first summer after being in college, the process typically involves a significant amount of planning by at least someone involved in the process.
And while the college dorm moves may be the ones that are most on the mind of many this time of year, many other moves are also taking place during the summer months. Consider these facts and figures about moving activity in America:

  • Most studies indicate that 66% of all people in their 20s move in a given year.
  • Aproximately 33% of renters move every year.
  • Key markers of future moves include college educations. In fact, 77% of college graduates have changed communities at least once, compared with slightly more than 56% of those with a high school diploma or less. College graduates are also the people who are more likely to have lived in multiple states.
  • Estimates indicate that 40% of all moves are because of work; 42% are personal moves; and 18% are government or military relocations.

  • The average person moves 12 times in a lifetime.
  • Hometowns can be particularly attractive to some people. For instance, Americans who have a greater number of extended family members who live within an hour?s drive of them are more likely to have never left their hometowns than do those Americans who are living somewhere other than their hometown.
  • Exceptional commercial moving services help businesses make smooth transitions.

  • Most adults, in fact 57%, have not lived outside their current home state in the U.S. At the opposite end of this mobility spectrum, 15% of adults report that they have lived in four or more states.
  • One study shows that 63% of Americans have moved to a new community at least once in their lives, while only 37% have never left their hometowns.
  • Very nearly 50% of all moves take place in the summer, most of them occurring between the beginning of May and Labor Day.
  • Every year about 43 million Americans move.

Are you recovering from a difficult move, or are you in the process of planning for an impending transition from one location to another? Good luck with any of those plans!

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