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The Top Landscape Trends We’ve Seen This Year

There are many options available to you when it comes to creating the perfect landscape look for your home. From the plants you choose to the landscaping rocks you add there is a lot that has to be considered to keep things looking their best. Professional backyard landscape designers can help you find the right combination that works just right for your specific situation and setting.

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So, get started today, find your local landscape expert, and get the yard you have always wanted. It is easy when you have professional assistance on your side!

Today?s homeowners are taking landscape design to the next level. The backyard has become more than just a patch of grass, but rather an extension of your home. You can bring your personal style outdoors with endless landscape design possibilities, however, experienced landscape designers have been noticing some top trends popping up in yards across America.
This year?s top trends focus on a certain aesthetic that marries industrial minimalism with rustic stonework. Higher quality, natural materials have taken the center stage in landscape design. No fancy bells and whistles, just clean lines in natural finishes to seamlessly blend the outdoors into the patio space.
A buzzword floating around garden centers is “sustainability”. What does this mean, you ask? It?s a fancy term meaning the plants are sustainable and can hold their own in the midst of many types of weather. Drought tolerant plants are important to certain coastal states like California where water is scarce, but other homeowners appreciate the low maintenance level. More eco-friendly consumers like the minimal water waste when it comes to caring for these types of plants.
Water gardening is growing in popularity. Water gardens allow for complete customization. You can make them as small and serene or as big and extravagant as you want — a popular feature for those on a varied budget. Another top trend carries over into the minimalism theme. Zen-like spaces with soft natural tones match perfectly with the calm whispers of a water garden.
No matter what the design style, another trend in landscape design is to bring the inside to the outside. People are creating outdoor living spaces that double as another living room or kitchen in their home. Instead of simply just sitting outside and enjoying the open air, people are cooking, entertaining, and living in their brand new space.
Do you like any of these new trends? Which trends would you like to see more of and which should be left in 2015? Sound off in the comments below!

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