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Smokey Ham in the Winter

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Summer might be over but it doesn’t mean that the new gas grill has to be broken down and put away. Grilling isn’t just for parties and atmosphere setting, although it serves that purpose very well. A grill not only makes everything taste delicious but it is also a fairly healthier option. When grilling there is no fear of the meat sticking or adhering to a pan so consequently there is no need for oils or butters (unless you want to use them for flavor) eliminating fat and calories from your meal. Personally, I use the grill year round, especially to make chicken. It’s so easy for chicken to dry out, even when cooking in oil, but there’s something about the grill that just keeps all those juices inside. Even when the weather gets cold, over 15% of people surveyed said they grill their Thanksgiving and Christmas meals on a gas or propane grill.

You have probably heard of grilling turkey before but grilling a ham is not as common. Maybe you got a new gas grill for Christmas and want to take it out for a spin. Well, I know just how to impress your guests. Set up the patio heater and let your friends recline on the patio furniture and enjoy the scenery while you fire up that grill and following these directions, serve the most delicious smoked ham anyone has ever tasted.

Buying the right ham is important when grilling. You cannot use uncured ham or even fresh ham. The best ham to get for grilling is a fully cooked ham. There’s just a lot more time and work and preparation that goes in to using any other kind of ham and it’s not necessary for an excellent outcome.

Next, make sure to set up your new gas grill so that the temperature is stabilized and even along the entire surface. Gas grills are fairly easy to maintain even temperature but if you have a coal barbecue, this involves setting up the coals in a parallel configuration.

Seasonings are key. Before applying the seasonings you want to cut the ham about a quarter inch deep in a crisscross pattern all over. Use your favorite seasonings at this point and whatever you use will penetrate into the ham because of the cuttings.

You can let the ham marinate if you want but it’s not necessary. Once you are ready to grill, put the ham in the very middle of your grill. Close the lid and maintain a temperature of 325 degrees Fahrenheit. You will only need to grill for about 15 minutes per pound of ham. Remember, the ham is already cooked so you’re just heating it up and giving it that smokey flavor.

At the halfway point, when the ham is at about 110 degrees Fahrenheit, you will want to apply your glaze for the first time. After this you can brush the glaze on every now and again until the ham reaches an optimal temperature of 135 degrees Fahrenheit. At that point, your ham is ready to serve. Prepare for a mouthwatering experience!

Remember, it’s not just meats that can be grilled. Vegetables, omelets, burritos; they all are better grilled.

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