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The Reasons for the Rise of Adjustable Beds

Adjustable bed options

Why are adjustable beds becoming so common these days?

The answer is simple: Because they help people get a better night’s sleep.

Flat beds, which are the beds that most Americans use, simply aren’t designed to offer support to the human body where it’s needed the most during sleep. The spine is naturally curved in an “S” shape which results in contours throughout the body, most notably at the neck, lower back, and knees. Because a flat bed cannot provide support to these “empty spaces,” the person’s body must support itself for hours on end throughout the night. This can lead to a variety of physical pains; the muscles typically become very tense, can begin to spasm, and can cramp up. It can even be difficult to fall asleep at night because you are tossing and turning, trying to find a sleeping position where your body is supported.

An adjustable bed provides support to the major contours of the body, making it easier to find a comfortable sleep position. Adjustable beds and adjustable mattresses typically come in many different styles so that you can find the material and size that best fits your needs. Each bed is controlled with a remote control so that the mattress adjusts to fit each individual’s body, rather than having the body try to flatten out and fit the bed!

Adjustable beds are becoming much more popular as more people understand how important sleep really is for mental and physical health. These beds are an investment that can pay off instantly and still have valuable long term effects.

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