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Is Your Teen Getting Enough Sleep?

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Teenagers can be a lot to handle for any family. Anyone who has spent any considerable time living with one knows that them getting enough sleep is absolutely critical to them being pleasant humans to be around. Compromise their 11 hours on the weekend and you may as well consider your day ruined. Helping to make sure your teenager gets the best sleep they can is not only good for their development, but also essential to the peace within your household. To learn more about Craftmatic® Adjustable Beds and Adjustable Mattresses and why a twin adjustable bed might be the key to a happier home, keep reading.
1) Options One of the best things about a twin adjustable bed and adjustable bed systems in general is that they give you so many options. Just like every teenager is unique in what they want and need, so are their wants and needs for good sleep. A traditional mattress does not allow much room for customization, but adjustable beds can be moved to support the back like it would be in a chair or lifted at the top or bottom to help prevent leg bending and potentially relieve pain. Plus, many electric beds come with options like heat and massage, meaning that your teen can feel like they have a little spa in their bedroom.
2) Affordability While a quality twin adjustable bed may have some initial expense, there is nothing more worth investing in than sleep. For teenagers, who are growing incredibly rapidly and require tons of sleep in order to function well, there is really nothing more important you could provide for them than a good mattress. If you do not let your teen sway you into a king size adjustable bed, you will mostly likely be really pleased with the value you will get for your mattress.
3) Better Sleep Better sleep is something we all start chasing while teens. Because adjustable beds allow you to position yourself exactly how is comfortable and relieve pressure, they may help you find better sleep. You may notice a change in the attitude, health, or even school performance of your teen once you help them get the best sleep they can.
4) Longevity Teens can quickly outgrow the shoes and clothes that you buy them, but if you provide them with a good adjustable mattress early in the teen years, it will likely last them until they leave the nest and provide continuous benefits throughout that time. Finding anything that will continue to work for your teen for so many years is a real win.
For teenagers, there is little in the world more important that sleeping. Eating may come close, but we all know how unpleasant a poorly rested teenager can be to interact with. If you want to help support your teen to have the best chance at getting good rest and navigating their way through adolescence, consider looking into adjustable beds. You won’t regret it.

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