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The Holidays are Around the CornerHave You Made Your Charitable Donations Yet?

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Everybody seems to embrace the holiday spirit when it comes to giving gifts to loved ones, but what about the people in your community who don’t have anything to give? Every year, millions of people depend on charitable donations from people just like you to have gifts to exchange with their friends and family.

Making charitable donations is easier than ever with the increase in organizations that will pick up donations directly from your home. These charity pick up services make helping families in need as easy as leaving a box outside of your door before you leave for work. Make sure you take advantage of this great new way to donate, and keep these three important things in mind before the holiday season approaches:

    You probably have some clothes you don’t wear anymore. About 12 million tons of textile waste are discarded in America every year, and much of this can just as easily be given to charity to support a family during the holidays. About 80% of clothing donations are given directly to the families who need them, while the rest is used to fund other charitable activities for the less fortunate.

    Your community depends on you for support. Your next-door neighbor could be the person who needs you charitable donations the most, and you may not even know it. People fall on tough times for a number of reasons, and the recent recession has only made matters worse. In 2013 alone, over 13 million Americans had their identities stolen, and that number rises every year with our increased dependence on online shopping.

    Donating is the most rewarding feeling in the world. If you have children, instilling the importance of donating in them at an early age is one the most impactful things you can do as a parent. The gift of giving is more important than any new toy or pair of jeans that you can give them. The country seems to have lost the true meaning of the holiday season. By showing your kids how fulfilling it can be to make charitable donations, you’re building a foundation of care and sympathy that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Do some quick research and find an organization in your area that accepts charitable donations. By donating just a little bit of your unneeded clothing, you can drastically improve a family’s holiday experience, as well as your own.

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