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The Benefits Of The Urgent Care Center

If you’re looking for convenient medical treatment, look no further than your local urgent care center. Urgent care centers are more popular than every before, with now more than seven thousand locations strategically placed all throughout the United States. These urgent care locations see as many as a collective three million people each and every week, all of whom are looking for convenient medical treatment. They also employ as many as twenty thousand highly qualified doctors and other medical professionals, ensuring that the convenient medical treatment you receive will be high quality medical treatment as well.

But why should you go to an urgent care clinic instead of to the emergency room? For one, urgent care centers tend to be open for business and able to see patients just about as frequently, with a number of them open at all hours of the day, all days of the week. And many – up to eighty five percent of them – have hours of service every single day, even if they are not open at all hours. As urgent care locations are often open earlier and closed later than your typical doctor’s office, they provide a very viable way for people to get medical care from a place that isn’t the emergency room when their family doctor’s office happens to be closed.

In addition to this, urgent care centers involve much less hassle than the typical ER waiting room, where it is not uncommon to wait for up to a full hour before even being seen by a nurse. Depending on the particular emergency room you are visiting, this wait time might stretch out even longer. In an urgent care center, on the other hand, your are not likely to wait more than thirty minutes at the most. In up to sixty percent of these walk in clinics, the wait time will even be as short as only fifteen minutes, ideally for convenient medical treatment.

And, simply put, many cases seen by the emergency room aren’t all that serious. In fact, it is estimated that up to sixty five percent of all emergency room cases (and no less than forty five percent of them) could have easily been treated in the local urgent care location instead. In addition to this, less than five percent of all urgent care cases are not able to be treated at that urgent care clinic and must be instead transported to the nearest emergency room.

And urgent care locations can provide more types of convenient medical treatment and convenient medical care than many people realize. For instance, up to eighty percent o fall urgent care centers throughout this entire country can not only diagnose fractures, but can actually treat them as well (though more severe breaks will likely still need to be seen by the nearest hospital and emergency services). On top of this, IV fluids can also typically be administered – in up to as many as seventy percent of all urgent care locations, the vast majority of them, to say the least.

Of course, more basic convenient medical treatment can be provided, such as basic wound repair, which is, at the current date, one of the most commonly seen conditions in any given urgent care location here in the United States. The treating of minor illnesses is also common, and antibiotics are typically prescribed. For instance, many children with ear infections will go into their local urgent care location for convenient medical treatment, as ear infections, as long as they are not persistent or overly regular, can usually be cleared up with a course of antibiotics.

The same can usually be said for cases of strep throat, another common illness. For urinary tract infections, it is the same, and there are more than eight million urinary tract infections diagnosed in just one year here in the United States alone, making them nothing if not incredibly prevalent. However, avoiding medical treatment can only cause such conditions to worsen – and even become, in some cases, dangerous.

Urgent care services are important here in the United States, and are only likely to grow more so in the years that are to come.

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