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The 4 Coolest Homes in the World

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Vacation-home sales accounted for almost 15% of all transactions last year in 2013, and this is their highest market share since 2006. With the market for vacation homes booming, the real estate business is thriving as well. The Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) reported that there were about two million active real estate licenses in the United States as of last year. Working with a Realtor is an important step in buying a new home, so it’s fitting that more real estate licenses are earned each year.

Finding your dream home is a complex process that requires lots of time and energy devoted to finding the perfect spot. With 13% of respondents looking to purchase high end real estate properties, buying a luxury home means it’s important to know how to find a real estate agent. It’s especially critical if you are purchasing a second home where you plan to vacation, because Realtors have a solid understanding of the market and about how to find the best deals. In honor of the sharp increase in vacation home sales in 2013, here are some of the coolest luxury vacation home in the country.

    1. Bart Prince House (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
    Finding your dream home means you don’t have to compromise on modern amenities, and this owners definitely didn’t. This spot was designed by famous architect Bart Prince, who is well known among the rich and famous for the passion and creativity he applies to structures he designs. The home boasts innovative architecture, including the lack of traditional flat walls and boxy outline most homes have. Instead, Prince opted to replace hard lines with softer curves, creating a space that is full of circles, ovals and curved silhouettes.

    2. Bubble House (Tourettes-sur-Loup, France)
    This is another location that favored curved outlines instead of hard, straight lines. This home uses bubble shapes for every aspect of architecture and decor, including windows that burst out of circular domes, bubble shaped chairs and furniture, and even a bubble shaped pool. The home sits atop a rugged, rocky base, which defines a sharp contrast to the home’s unique style. So why would someone create a home based on bubbles? The owner, Pierre Cardin, wanted a friendly spot that took advantage of the surrounding views of the breathtaking Mediterranean.

    3. Wooden Skyscraper (Arkhangelsk, Russia)
    This rickety home is built only from wood, and it’s snow covered roof almost looks like it could topple over at any minute. A wooden skyscraper started as a novice’s project, and it was only intended to be two stories. The owner was happy with the outcome, and he decided to keep going up and up. Years later, there are six stories. Unfortunately, this millionaire owner didn’t take care of the home, and it began to decay. Today he and his wife still live there, but they only occupy the bottom floor.

    4. The Upside-Down House (Szymbark, Poland)
    This home in Poland captures exactly what anyone would think when they imagine an upside down house. Not only is the wealthy owner an innovator in design, he made an audacious political statement just by his choice of style. He wanted to make a statement about the fall of Communism and what he felt was the end of the world. Today, tourists visit but sometimes get dizzy because they are so thrown off by the unexpected walls.

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