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What Is the Best Sleep Position?

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If you’ve been wondering about some ways to get a good night sleep, you should know that the position in which you sleep plays a big role in the quality of rest you get. When a person sleeps, they normally change positions throughout the night without even knowing it, because they are trying to avoid the pain and tension that results from sleeping in uncomfortable ways. The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) reported in a recent survey that chronic pain is often associated with insomnia. Specifically, about 15% of the adults in the United States report chronic pain related to sleeping in the wrong position.

If you identify with any of these statistics, you’re probably wondering what the next steps are. Purchasing one of the many luxury adjustable beds on the market today is one way to ensure you sleep well. It’s also important to have the best pillows, because even the most expensive luxury adjustable beds require top quality pillows for owners to lay their heads on at night. If you want to sleep better but are unsure about making such a large investment, there are also natural ways to sleep better.

What is the best sleep position for me?

Different people have different sleeping patterns, and the same position isn’t right for everyone. People prefer to sleep on their side, stomach, or back, and the only way to know what you like best is by trying a few. However, experts caution that what seems like the easiest and most comfortable position may not be best for your health.

People usually choose a sleep position based on how comfortable and freely they can breathe. Some people need to sleep in specific ways if they have disease like sleep apnea — these patients should never sleep on their backs. Instead, doctors suggest that they should try sleeping on their sides because it keeps airways open at night, which results in a better night of sleep.

How do I know if I sleep in the right position?

Some luxury adjustable beds on the market today can give consumers a clue about the best way to get a good night of sleep. These beds help people sleep at a natural incline, which is much healthier than sleeping flat. The latter can cause back problems and serious pain in people who don’t respond well to sleeping on a flat mattress.

Ultimately, the best way to know if you are sleeping the right way is by judging how you feel in the morning. People should feel refreshed and energized after a good night of sleep. They should be ready to attack the day and should go about their activities without feeling fatigued or feeling lower back pain. If you are someone who constantly dreads waking up because you feel tired in the mornings, you might want to try sleeping a different way. This may also help you stay more alert during the day, which translates to a more productive work and home routine.

According to WebMD, six in ten Americans sleep on their side, and the least common choice is sleeping on their backs. They also warn that the quality of a mattress plays a big role in what your preferred sleep position will be. If you’re a side sleeper like the majority of Americans, it’s a good idea to switch up what side you choose every so often, because sleeping too much on one side can harm circulation throughout your whole body.

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