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Sony Releases Line of Innovative New HDR Televisions

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For years, television manufacturers have been fighting to introduce the latest in high-definition technology and take control of an increasingly innovative market. For example, Samsung TV remotes control televisions with a unique quantum dot color technology, LG equipment uses OLEDs and it’s own quantum dot technology called “ColorPrime”, and Vizio televisions offer affordable sets with full-array local dimming. However, with its newest addition, Sony could very well take the lead: focusing on unbelievably thin panels and HDR features, you might soon be flipping through incredibly high quality channels with a SONY remote control. If you’re already a Sony customer, better put in that order for a Sony TV remote replacement now.

High definition in television is slightly different from other applications, such as photography. You are likely familiar with the HDR setting on your smartphone camera, which separately captures both the light and dark tones in an image and combines them into one photo. But while these HDR pictures tend to look overly moody and fake, TV sets with HDR features actually refer to a finely tuned contrast with a wider range of colors between dark and lights. If done correctly, it combines the benefits of plasma and LED and rivals the range of OLED. And Sony’s new products seem to achieve this goal: its new flagship, for example, uses the company’s highest-end contrasting-enhancing feature, “X-tended Dynamic Range PRO”. Sony claims that this feature offers three times the brightness range than an average LED-backlit LCD set. Meanwhile, the company says its “Triluminos” technology, which reportedly offers a wider and more vibrant color gamut in higher-end sets. Experts say that demo footage looks promisingly vivid, but it isn’t quite clear what causes the difference; previous generations of the technology were supposedly quantum-dot sets, but the company now says this technique is not being used in the line.

In addition to the vivid color, Sony’s sets are built to enhance non-HDR video as well as high-resolution products, setting the company apart from other competitors like Vizio, which enhance only compatible content. Moreover, the two top-tier sets will reportedly work with HDR content from Netflix and Amazon using a firmware update available this summer. For those reluctant to spend several thousand on a new television, however, the company does offer a slightly less expensive system with an edge-lit LED backlight, built-in WiFi, voice-search-capable television remote controls and more, which the company says still offers twice the dark-to-bright range of a normal LCD. This alone might be enough to draw users to Sony products, even if they are simply interested in Sony TV remote replacements. However, the slightly more affordable option still costs $5,500, and many users are now reluctant to spend so much on a television when the industry is progressing so rapidly. Will Sony take the lead in the industry with its new products and technology? No one can say. Until more reviews begin rolling in, Sony TV remote replacements might be the best choice from this innovative company.

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