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Where Does all the Oil Go?

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Recent oil prices have us all realizing how intertwined our lives are with fuel oil news and fuel oil costs. Fuel oil systems do, after all, fun most of the things that are important to use. If you haven’t stopped to think about, oil is weaved into so many areas of your life.

Where you go and how you get there.
Cars, motorcycles, buses, and other forms of transit make up about 70% of the petroleum used in the United States. How would you get from point a to point b without using fuel oil systems? Even modes of transit that utilize electric as a source still rely, at least in some part, on oil. In fact, even with all the energy hybrids out there, oil makes up 92% of the energy used for transport.

How we control our home environment
Is it getting nippy in here? Let’s turn on the heat. You can’t do that without oil. In 2009, 48% of energy consumption in United States homes was for heating and cooling. Some of that energy was renewable but in large part, heat is provided by gas companies. In 2013, oil and fuel production companies produced about 89% of the energy in the United States.

How we budget.
Oil controls the cost of everything. If it’s cheaper, all our bills are cheaper and products are often cheaper because shipping costs less. Gas prices have come down by more than $1 from the highest prices in 2014. That means every gallon we pump, we get to keep a little chunk of change. This helps people save, spend on fun items and stimulate the economy.

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