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Planning a Sensible Wedding How to Keep Costs Low Without Compromising Quality

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The commitment to spend your life loving and caring for another is what we think of marriage as. It is the ultimate commitment that we can make towards another person, so it is understandable why we are so ready to spend thousands of dollars to make wedding dreams come true. Planning and preparing for a wedding is an intimidating process in and of itself, with hundreds of details to arrange and plan; for couples looking to keep costs low and plan the wedding themselves, here are some ideas from other couples to have the day of your dreams without regretting the costs later on.

Weddings in the U.S.

There are thousands of weddings performed every year across the nation, making the wedding industry gargantuan in its own right. It is estimated that $72 billion is spent every year on weddings; in 2012 the average cost of a wedding was a staggering $13,106. Due to these prices, many couples are doing their best to plan an economically sensible wedding that has all the charm and magic of an expensive service. The internet has become an invaluable boon for couples-to-be as up to 90% of today’s brides use the internet as a resource to plan their wedding. Understanding cheaper alternatives, what costs to factor in, and how best to plan are just some of the benefits of blogs, search engine results, and social media sites.

Necessary Supply Rentals

A cheaper alternative to a typical rental hall could be to have your wedding and ceremony at a location where you provide decorations, food, and utensils. To this end, many couples count on quality wedding rental equipment from local companies to help provide the necessities without the wild expenses. These companies can provide everything from tables and chairs to table linen rentals and napkin rental; renting your linens is cheaper alternative as most packages guard the renter from spills and mishaps just in case. Table runners, table cloths, sashes, and chair covers can all transform a simple hall into a proper wedding with the right decor and lighting. Most of these companies have experience with weddings and can help couples coordinate to find a color scheme and arrangement that compliments their day to the fullest — count on party supply rental services in your area to get the best value on your most important day.

Utilizing Outdoor Space

Many couples save even more money by allowing mother nature to set the decor for their wedding day. Outdoor weddings have seen as mass increase over the past few years as couples avoid high costs by setting up a tent rental and utilizing outdoor space in backyards, country clubs, or parks around the country. This gives couples the freedom to pick a setting they both can enjoy while keeping costs low. In addition to a tent rental, couples will also need to arrange for party supply rentals; in some cases the same company that supplies the tent rental can also provide linens, flatware, dishware, serving trays, tables, and chairs to further keep costs low with bundle offers. For those couples looking for a sensible but elegant wedding, consider using the great outdoors for one-of-a-kind wedding photos and experiences.

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