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Not Using Your Old Clothing or Household Goods? Donate to Local Charities

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Recycling can be a difficult task sometimes, especially if you’re unsure of what to do with your old items. Many times, the clothing, appliances, and other materials in our homes that we no longer want end up in the landfill if no one takes it off the side of the road. One research estimate states that approximately 12-13 million tons of clothing and textiles are thrown away annually in just the United States. Yet donating those items and more would significantly decrease the amount of pollution in our landfills and environment.

Are you curious about ways of helping families in need and donating to green charities that will recycle your old items? Keep reading for more advice on local clothing donations and recycling efforts that you can find in your area:

1. Donating clothing to charity: In the United States, there are many people who need to be able to stay warm in winter, many of them children. Because Americans tend to buy a lot of clothing every year if they can afford, much of what we no longer want or need goes to a landfill — as much as 85% of it! Local clothing donations are a way to both clear out your closet and help other people in your community. Find out which charities in your area have local clothing donations and drives that aid children and families in need.

2. Donating soda cans and other recyclable goods: Many charities pick up old items that they can get money for, like bottles, cans, and other items that have a five or ten cent deposit. These items can get these charities a lot of money, or they sometimes provide extra funds to buy food or other goods. If you have a lot of bottles and cans taking up space in your garage, give them to an organization in your area that will recycle these materials.

3. Donating canned foods and non-perishables: For many families, putting food on the table is difficult. In other places, such as shelters and hospices, they may have plenty of food or clothing, but no sanitary items for cleaning or eating off of. All of these products, especially foods with long shelf lives, can have a significant impact on the people they are donated to.

4. Donating appliances and other household goods: Has it been years since you’ve used your blender? What about that old computer sitting in the corner collecting dust? If you have old appliances, technology, and other items that someone could use, consider offering them as a charitable donation. Many shelters and children’s organizations love receiving these useful items.

Have other questions or suggestions on ways to recycle items in your home? Contact a local charity to see what they need, or leave a comment below for more ideas.

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