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From Charity Pick Ups to Easy Drop Offs, Here are Three Simple Ways to Donate Clothing This Winter

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The holidays are a time for giving, but they also signal the beginning of the long and cold winter months throughout many parts of the United States. It can be difficult for families who struggle to get enough food and adequate shelter to stay warm during the bitter weather, so many charity organizations look for help wherever they can get it.

However, there is one easy solution that anyone can use to give to charity: donating clothing to a local organization. Giving the gift of winter clothing, plus any outerwear and winter accessories you have, is a great way of helping families in need during this season.

Do you have clothing to donate to others? Here are three simply solutions you can use to donate to charities in your area:

  • Charity Clothing Pick Ups: Many organizations host charity clothing pick ups to gather donations from community members. These charity clothing pick ups can arrange for a time to come to your home and pick up any used clothing donations you have in order to distribute those items to the needy. This is an easy option for people who are unable to drop off items themselves or for families who are busy during this season.
  • Secondhand Stores: Some charities run secondhand stores, or thrift shops, that help give resources to their communities. What you donate can either go directly to individuals and families in need or it can be sold in a store, with the proceeds going to charitable programs. Donating in this manner, like with a charity pick up, is also a good way to receive a receipt for your donations, so you can save money on your tax bill by itemizing your deductions.
  • Clothing Drop Boxes: If you’re short on time but would still like to give your clothing donations, there are many charities that have placed drop boxes all over to make the process easy. You can look up the locations of charity drop boxes online if you have a specific organization in mind, or you can give to the nearest box available. This is a simple yet easy way to give to others and help curb the amount of textile waste headed to the landfill.

How do you prefer to give to others during the holiday season? Tell us in the comments below.

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