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While coupons and radical cost-cutting maneuvers are seen as being essential to happiness and survival, there is a time and a place to open up the home furnishing budget and to invest in home furnishings that will last for decades instead of months or years.

Often, tips for furnishing a home or condo will emphasize shopping for furniture as if the decision-making process involved in buying a couch were comparable to, say, deciding what to make for dinner.

Each homeowner’s personal style will vary; when it comes to interior design, more furniture stores are offering personalized design consultation and professional interior design advice. Condo and home furnishing options abound, but a truly lasting impact can often be made with the help of a professional.

From mattress tips to helpful hints about planning furniture in a room, interior design experts are more than willing to offer advice and creative ideas for furnishing a home. Furniture and home furnishing stores are big business — think IKEA — but within this 100 billion dollar industry are many kind, devoted professionals who are passionate about investing in value and comfort. (Don’t forget to measure all rooms before a consultation!)

If a coastal or beach feel is needed, it’s time to bring in a few sturdy but light-colored furniture pieces to anchor the look of the room while retaining an airy feel. Sand-colored neutral furniture pairs well with more colorful sea blues and driftwood or sea glass accents to maintain a light, relaxing theme.

If a more vintage vibe is what’s called for, reclaimed wood is a popular choice for a long-term investment and can be difficult to find without the help of a pro. Taken from old, often high-quality furniture, abandoned buildings and bridges, reclaimed wooden furniture is a great investment and can be used with a variety of home furnishing styles.

Overall, furniture that is worth investing in will have fewer seams, smoother sanding finishes and will be designed to conceal hardware from view. Leather should be smooth and supple; dry leather has been over-exposed to heat or sunshine and is prone to cracking and splitting. Wood is often the way to go: plastic and metal home furnishings will decay over time and can damage walls and floors.

It goes without saying that time spent gathering interior design advice is well-spent. Interior design professionals can find unique furniture, advise on quality and maintenance questions, and can provide the spark that will turn any house into a comfortable, well-apportioned home.

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