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Eco-Friendly Luxury Custom Homes

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Homeowners building and designing luxury custom homes have endless options for every detail of the home. By making small environmentally-friendly choices in your custom home designs, you’ll create a home that’s comfortable, beautiful, and gentle on the earth.

Luxury custom homebuilders often have high expectations for their homes, frequently spending in excess of one million dollars for the design and construction of their new house. That means that the quality of your long-term investment is of the utmost importance. One way to make sure you get the most out of your investment is to look for energy-saving opportunities in your custom house designs. If you’re looking for ways to make your custom home more environmentally friendly and financially efficient, consider some green alternatives to traditional home features.

Small changes can make a huge impact on the overall efficiency of your home. For instance, geothermal systems have been shown to use 25 to 50% less energy than their conventional heating counterparts, and they also reduce emissions in comparison with traditional heating systems. To protect your house from air leaks, which account for 30 to 40% of heating and cooling loss in homes without weather damage, choose an energy-saving insulation system. Spray foam insulation can reduce heating costs even further, saving up to 50% more energy than traditional insulation, making your environmentally friendly home easy on your wallet all year long.

Even small eco-friendly changes like choosing a convection oven, which cooks food faster and uses 25% less energy, can make a significant impact in the long run. Minor structural changes can also make a major difference; a double-paned wood or vinyl-framed window can cut energy costs between 18 and 24% across all seasons compared to single-paned windows. Luxury doesn’t have to be environmentally unfriendly!

Homeowners have more options than ever in designing luxury custom homes. By choosing eco-friendly designs when making your luxury home plans, both you and the environment will love your new dream home. Contact a few of your local luxury home builders today to find out more about how to create eco-friendly custom home designs.

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