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How to Buy Roman Shades Like an Interior Design Pro

Shades are a must-have item when you’re working the night shift. You might not be sure of which ones you need to get for yourself, however. These are some suggestions for you to consider:

Light Dampening Shades

The first type of shades to consider is light dampening or light darkening shades. The goal of purchasing these shades is to prevent all the sunlight from coming into your home as you try to sleep during the day.

Basement Shades

You might also like to consider investing in some basement shades. Basement shades can fit perfectly on the basement window if you’ve got the basement set up as your sleeping quarters.

Automatic Rolling Window Shades

Automated window treatments might be more like the flavor of shade you want to see in your home so that you can make it through the night shift. Automated shades for windows do most of the work themselves and leave you much more time to relax.

Consider some of the choices mentioned above if you want to create the perfect world for yourself while you work the night shift at your job.

You don’t ever have to go through a day being unrested.

The right shades will help to ensure that you receive every bit of sleep your need and deserve.

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Spring is the perfect time to invest in some new window treatments and start letting the sun shine in as much as possible. The tough part of buying new window treatments is finding the balance between allowing in light and having the privacy you need. This is one of the reasons that treatments like motorized shades and roman shades are often more popular in the spring than even custom drapery. If you’re looking to buy roman shades this season, here are a few things you need to know.

What are roman shades?
Roman shades are, of course, shades which can be drawn vertically to expose the window that the set of shades is installed on. What sets roman shades apart is that when the shades are down, they have a flat and smooth appearance, but when they are drawn the fabric of the shade folds evenly. Other types of shades are wound around a dowel when they are drawn, but roman shades are not.

What material should I use?
The material you use for your roman shades is going to have a pretty drastic effect on the overall look of the shade. Keep a spring color palette in mind. Choosing pastel colors or neutrals is going to give you a few more design options for the rest of the room and not make too much of a statement. Brightly colored or printed fabric, however, will draw attention to the windows and make them focal points. Blackout shades fabric is ideal in bedrooms. Avoid using materials that aren’t going to stack evenly when drawn.

How do I measure for custom roman shades?
Another important thing to think about when you’re buying custom roman shades is the size you’re going to need, which can be tricky. If you’re going to use roman shades as window treatments for large windows, make sure that you get a few sets of shades because the large the shade, the harder it will be to operate — multiple shades also gives you more control over the light and privacy. Take precise measurements of the width and length of the window.

Have you purchased custom roman shades or have any other questions about doing it? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. For more information see this.

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