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Give Your Baby the Best Sleep of Their New Lives

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If you’ve ever bought new sheets, you might have had to go through that period of breaking them in. That is to say, they might have taken a little bit of time to feel as soft as you wanted them to feel. How long it takes for sheets, pillow cases and mattress protectors to break in depends largely on the thread count of those sheets, pillow cases and mattress protectors.

To put it very simply, the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric is the thread count. The higher the thread count, the softer the sheet. They can also be quite expensive, but shopping around could reward you with a good deal, depending on the manufacturer. A closely woven cotton or polyester fabric used mostly for sheets is known as a percale, and if a durable linen is what you’re shopping for, a thread count of between 200 and 800 is what is recommended.

Most people like their sheets to be soft. Some would rather them be stiff. Almost everyone, though, wants the softest baby crib sheet they can find when shopping for their new baby or the one on the way. Every new parent hopes that their child will sleep comfortably, and through the night if possible. Buying a complete set of sheets for baby is a new parent’s most peculiar purchase. It would be ideal if the new set of sheets went with any kind of theme the baby’s room might have, but comfort is really what’s important. A fitted crib sheet, a baby sheet protector, and crib bumpers are usually part of the initial bundle that is bought for the little bundle.

While the design and thread count of the sheets are very important to the comfort of your newborn, the reality of things is that babies will sometimes make a mess of their bedding. That’s why the baby sheet protector is arguably the most crucial item to purchase when buying bedding for a new baby. A waterproof fitted sheet can save you from having to throw away all of the beautiful bedding when junior wets for the first time. Also, baby waterproof sheets can be as soft as they are protective, giving you the peace of mind that goes with knowing your baby is comfortable as well as protected.

Another aspect of buying baby linen is the scent. How fresh does your baby’s linen smell? That might seem like something insignificant, but when Americans were polled about their sleep preferences, 78% of them stated that they got more excited about going to bed when their sheets had a fresh scent. If you love a nicely scented bed sheet, don’t you think your little one would love the same?

A quality baby sheet protector doesn’t have to mean your child can’t a wonderful night’s sleep while being protected at the same time. Shop around and find the right thread count. You’ll be amazed at what will help your baby sleep through the night.

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