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How Much Do You Know About Christianity in the United States?

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The majority of Americans identify as Christian, but how many of them practice active faith in the Christian church? What percentage of Millenials consider themselves to be Christian? Below are some statistics to help you better understand the religious landscape of the United States today.

The Facts About Christianity in the United States

  • According to the Center for the Study of Global Christianity, there are approximately 41,000 Christian denominations and organizations in the world.
  • There are around 173 million Christians in the United States today.
  • While 13% of Americans identify as having no religion, 83% identify as Christians, and 4% identify as Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, or other.
  • Nearly 18% of American adults who were raised as Christians now say that they have no religious affiliation at all.
  • Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston, TX is the biggest mega-church in the United States, and has an average attendance of 43,500 people.
  • Of all 50 states, Kentucky and Alabama have the highest percentage of Evangelical Protestants at 50%.
  • Rhode Island is 42% Catholic, making it the state with the highest percentage of Catholics.
  • Over half (55%) of Utah’s population identifies as Mormon.
  • As many as 36% of Mainline Protestants are Baby Boomers, while only 20% are considered a part of the Millenial generation.
  • Only 50% of younger Millenials believe in God.
  • Only 6% of Baby Boomers do not believe in God.
  • Of Baby Boomers, 61% say that they practice active faith by praying at least once a day.
  • Over half of all Evangelical Protestants identify as Republican, while 28% report being Democrats.
  • A whole 70% of Mormons identify as Republican.
  • All of 75% of Jehovah’s Witnesses do not identify with either political party.
  • At 80% Historically Black Protestants are the most likely to be Democrats of all the Christian groups in the U.S.
  • Buddhists, Jews, and Muslims have the highest percentages of Democrats in the United States.
  • Historically Black Protestants have the highest divorce rate among all religions in the United States. Hindus have the lowest, followed closely by the Muslims.
  • Of Mormon adults, 66% are married.
  • As many as 44% of U.S. adults between the ages of 18 and 29 identify as Muslim, followed by the 35% who are non-religious.

If your religion is truly important to you, you can celebrate your faith in many different ways. Look for faith-based volunteering opportunities at local churches, or youth groups in your community. Research more here.

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