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4 Tips for Sleeping Outdoors This Camping Season

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Did you know that the average person going camping spends an average of almost 15 days outdoors each year doing so? That?s a lot of time out in the wilderness, especially considering that it almost always involves sleeping outside — even 82% of campers who were staying in cabins still spent one to two days outside!

If your family vacation this year is camping and you want to spend some time sleeping outdoors, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Trust us: your back will thank you!

1. Bring Foam Mats

You don?t need to invest heavily in having a good sleep. Even something as simple as a yoga mat can help keep some padded space between you and the ground. A sleeping bag and tent will provide some cushioning, but not enough of it for the average camper to feel comfortable night after night. Some people like purchasing inflatable mattresses.

2. Pack a Backpacking Pillow

If you?re used to setting your head somewhere to sleep, adjusting to a hard surface will be rough. Either bring a backpacking pillow (think something small but soft — even the small pillows they sell at airports can work well for this) or have a pillowcase you can throw tshirts into for a ?makeshift? pillow. Be warned, though — tshirt pillows are not the most comfortable pillow you can have!

3. The Sweet Sound of Silence

When you were planning out your family cabin camping, maybe you looked forward to the sound of crickets at night and birds in the morning. Your entire family, though, may not be as enchanted by the constant noises of the forest (and young children might get scared!). Come prepared with ear plugs — enough pairs for everyone, just in case — and advise kids to have music to listen to softly in case this helps them relax.

4. Have a Cabin for Rent

14 days is a long time to spend in a rent. It might be a good idea to opt for family cabin rentals — especially because they?re so affordable. In most cases, you can get an entire cabin for rent for less than $50 a night — and this cabin will be big enough to keep your entire family in! Spend a couple nights outdoors, then relax fully in the comfort of a clean, warm cabin.

When you go family cabin camping, will you be spending a night outdoors? Follow these tips and you’ll be okay!

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