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Do You Have An Addiction To Alcohol? Ibogaine Therapy May Be The Treatment You Need

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Addiction isn’t easy. It takes a toll on your social life, negatively impacts your ability to work and can even drive a wedge between your family and friends. When it comes to conventional treatment therapies that take months or even years to show positive results, it’s difficult not to feel all but hopeless. With ibogaine therapy, however, you can get your life back in no time at all. This revolutionary new program is designed with the express purpose of nipping common side-effects in the bud and returning you to your old you, all done in just a few sessions. Not too familiar with ibogaine drug treatment? Look below.

What Is Addiction?

Starting off with the basics, addiction is when your body becomes entirely dependent on a given substance. While this can technically be anything consumable, some foods, liquids and drugs possess more addictive qualities that can be difficult to shake. Addiction side-effects can range from minor to severe, impacting people differently depending on their individual mental and physical state, the substance in question and how long they have been dependent. In spite of this, ibogaine therapy is widely considered effective for all cases.

What Are Common Addictions?

Did you know over 20 million Americans over the age of 12 have an addiction? Studies have shown nearly three million people with addiction have a dependence on both alcohol and illicit drugs. Due to its affordable price and popular depiction in mainstream culture, alcohol remains one of the most consistent addictions brought to ibogaine treatment centers. As of 2014 there are an estimated 130 million individuals in the United States that consume alcohol on a regular basis.

What Other Addictions Are There?

Ibogaine therapy can help with any and all addictions. Heroin, also known as diacetylmorphine, was originally created back in the late 1800’s as a product of Bayer A.G. Methamphetamine, frequently shortened to meth, was first synthesized from ephedrine in the early 1900’s. It was later prescribed as a common treatment for obesity and general weight-loss aid. While OxyContin enjoyed widespread success, totaling up to $3 billion in profits and accounting for nearly 30% of the entire painkiller market, it has become a frequent source of addiction for many.

What Are Addiction Rates In America?

Addiction affects millions of Americans year after year, so rest assured you’re far from alone. Over seven million people with addiction have some form of mental illness and studies have shown 90% of those with an addiction began drinking or smoking before the age of 18. No matter your type of addiction, ibogaine drug treatment is widely considered one of the most efficient methods of therapy worldwide.

How Can Ibogaine Therapy Help Me?

The benefits of ibogaine therapy are starting to spread to all corners of the world, helping thousands of people get back on their feet after months or years of addiction. Ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction, for example, has been found to eliminate a stunning 98% of opiate withdrawal symptoms. It has also proven to be highly effective in obviating over 90% of withdrawal symptoms associated with stimulants and alcohol. Whether or not you qualify for treatment can be done with a quick assessment by an ibogaine treatment professional. Want to get your life back on track? An ibogaine treatment center can help.

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