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Couples Counseling Can Save Your Marriage

Couples counseling

Sometimes when you’re going through a difficult time, this can be reflected in interpersonal and family relationships. Personal issues and life changes can lead to disharmony in the home. At times like this, something as simple as a friendly, neutral presence which can mediate the issues can save relationships and homes from self-destructing. Counseling services can serve as this neutral third party and may help to save your family life, marriage or relationship.

A sympathetic ear when it’s needed

We’ve all been there. Stresses at work and financial problems come home with you and begin to affect your relationships. Small problems snowball and it seems impossible that things can continue the way they are at present. In such a situation, seeking counseling services may be the best choice you can make.

As an alternative to slamming out the door vowing never to return, a visit to counseling services might be the constructive option. At the very least, family and group therapy will remind you of all the things that you value in your relationships and why they matter to you. A chance to talk in a stress-free environment lets you de-pressure and take a look at your relationships and goals in a calm, non-confrontational manner.

Couples therapy can save your marriage or relationship

The success of counseling is attested to by the numbers. In fact 93% of patients who used marriage or family therapy felt that they had more effective tools to deal with their problem. They also reported that they functioned better at work and experienced improvements in their physical health.

Couples therapy is also almost uniformly successful. A study by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists found that more than 98% of the couples surveyed said that they received good or excellent help. Over 97% of the couples surveyed reported that they got the help they needed.

Therapy services
are also typically cheaper than going to a psychologist or psychiatrist. Consulting a licensed marriage and family therapist typically costs 20-40% less than a psychologist or a psychiatrist.

So if you or someone you know is going through a difficult patch, individual, family or couples counseling may be the way to move past the relationship roadblocks and to create relationships that are stronger than ever.

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