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Assisted Living Options for Seniors

When you are considering helping a loved one move into a nursing home, you need to know which assisted living facility services each home offers. Your loved one’s needs may be only occasional help or they may need help with all of their daily tasks. Some facilities offer assisted independent living near me while others offer memory care to those who have dementia. You need to know the level of help that your loved one needs.

You can call an assisted living education phone number to find out more about various local options. They may also be able to refer you based on your loved one’s needs. When you are picking from among the assisted living facilities nearby, you need to conduct tours of each facility you are considering. This will give you a lot of insight into the kind of care they give to their residents.

It’s helpful to look at the websites of assisted living facilities first to learn more about the care they offer. Then, you can follow this with an in person tour from the staff. Be sure to do both, as the website may have a more favorable view of the services offered than happens in real life.

Senior care organized outings

Recent surveys suggest that those who report being happiest in retirement are engaged in about three to four regular activities. Those who self-report as being the least happy are engaging in two or less. All of the assisted living options make it possible for residents to engage regularly in multiple activities.

Short-term Rehabilitation

Senior rehabilitation centers are one of the assisted living options available. Many people don?t realize it is possible to move to a retirement home temporarily in order to undergo necessary rehabilitation. This can make the process much easier for both the patient and their families.

While living in the senior care community residents have access to a wide variety of services and activities that would not be possible if they chose to stay in their own home throughout their rehabilitation. These facilities are able to take care of laundry, housekeeping tasks, and meal preparation. They can also arrange for transportation to rehabilitation therapy and in some cases have the therapist visit the resident on-site.

Medical Assistance

Some people need an assisted living options that are able to provide medical assistance. Studies show that this is quite common and most locations do offer this service. About 40 percent of assisted living residents received help with at least three daily activities such as bathing and dressing.

Others need assistance ensuring they take the proper medication regularly or require help with other minor health care issues such as blood pressure or blood sugar monitoring.

Independent Living

Assisted living options aren?t just focused on medical care and rehabilitation. Most residents are very interested in the social aspects of living in retirement communities. These facilities make it easy for seniors to maintain an active social life.

The common areas of the facilities are an excellent place for friends to catch up with a chat or play a game of cards. Family and friends are also able to come and visit residents in one of the community rooms or in their private room. Finally, most facilities are able to arrange transportation for specific appointments.

There are many assisted living options from which seniors can choose. It is important to visit any of the facilities you are considering in order to find one that is a good fit with your personal preferences.

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