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3 Signs You Need a Water Softener

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Have you ever thought about just how important water is to you on a daily basis? It makes up around two-thirds of our body and is integral in all bodily processes. Inadequate amounts of water, or water that is filled with chemicals and minerals, can wreak havoc on every aspect of your body. It can also do the same within the systems of your home.

Buildup on Appliances

Hard water can produce something that looks like scales on various household appliances such as dishwashers, hot water heaters, and washing machines. It can also build up on cooking utensils such as a coffee pot or tea kettle. Pipes may also be affected by buildup.

These scales are most often the result of water that has a mixture of magnesium bicarbonate and calcium. The residue has a chalky consistency and is also referred to as limescale. Using a water softener can help reduce this type of buildup.

Dry Skin and Hair

Many people don?t realize that their dry skin and hair may be a result of hard water. When extra magnesium and calcium are in the water, skin, and hair may become dry and begin to itch. While soap and shampoo can limit this to a certain extent, it is difficult to completely limit the effect.

The way the minerals in hard water interact with the skin is similar to what happens on appliances. A coating of the minerals builds up on the skin that isn?t fully removed by cleansing products. The residue can irritate the skin and it begins to feel rough and dry. It can also contribute to skin inflammation and blocked pores.

Stains in the Bathroom

Have you ever noticed residue and stains on your bathroom sink or in the tub? This happens when leftover water slowly evaporates on the tile and minerals are left behind. Eventually, it looks as though plaster or white toothpaste is marring the finish.

It is possible to use vinegar and water to remove the majority of this type of stain. Other options that may prove effective are a mixture of bleach and dish detergent. However, it is far easier to use a water softener to simply prevent the accumulation from the start.

The average household typically uses about 350 gallons of water every day. A home water system is one way to ensure all of the water coming into your home has softer water that is better for your appliances, skin, hair, and your sinks and bathtubs. Many water problems are easily addressed with the right water filtration system A water softener has broad reaching benefits that will change the way you interact with water on a daily basis.

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