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50 Years Ago vs Today How Weddings Have Changed

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With the up-and-coming generation of yuppies and yuccies, ?traditional? isn?t a word
used very often. Traditions, mindsets, perspectives and priorities have changed as the years have passed. While the event itself is still very common, weddings have become unrecognizable from days of yore.

50 Years Ago:

While considered a joyous occasion, wedding planning wasn?t nearly as hectic. The outlines of the weddings were all the same: all-white theme, conservative handmade dress, held in a place of worship with plenty of guests. The number of choices that needed to be made were minimal, with most planning falling into the hands of the mother of the bride.

Professional photographers were scarce, so options were limited. Most grooms wore the traditional black suit or tuxedo with a grey tie. For the most part, grooms weren?t expected to take any part in planning the event.

As for the ceremony, most took place in a church or place of worship and was done by early afternoon. The ceremony was followed by tea with drinks, which then turned into cocktails and dancing to a live band at a local hotel or hall. Most weddings would be done by 8 p.m. The bride and groom would then be sent on their honeymoon at a local destination.


Planning a wedding has become a large undertaking in recent years. It is
treated more as a large party than a formal event. There are many things to consider: wedding planner prices, event venues (or outdoor wedding venues for some), meal choices, catering options, etc. Considering the girth of this task, many brides are now choosing to hire a wedding planner. Though wedding planner prices vary depending on size and organization, many brides consider it a sound investment.

Instead of a traditional church venue, many couples are option for unusual wedding venues for their ceremony and reception. It’s estimated that around 40% of brides and grooms look for venues that reflect their personality. Around 30% of weddings today take place outside, a large step away from traditional weddings. It is also more common for weddings to take place at the same location as the receptions. The average wedding has a guest list of 136 people. Couples today are hoping to add their own personalities to the wedding, making a statement about who they are together.

While traditions may have changed and priorities shifted, one thing hasn?t: a
wedding is a day meant for love, family and joy.

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