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3 Outdoor Wedding Tips From John Legend’s Wedding Planner

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If you are considering an outdoor wedding for your big day, know that this type of venue comes with its own unique set of complications. After all, you can?t control the weather.

Fortunately, famed wedding planner Lisa Vorce recently sat down for an interview with Vogue to divulge some of her outdoor wedding planning tips and tricks. Here is a list of three big mistakes she sees couples make all the time.

  1. Failing to budget properly. Vorce lists ?underestimating costs? as one of the biggest mistakes couples make when planning their wedding. She told Vogue, ?In most cases, outdoor wedding locations will require additional lighting, restroom rentals, trash removal, satellite kitchens, flooring (to create a level environment), generators, and more. It?s all doable and well worth it in the end, but it?s important that you understand what you?re getting into so that you can budget appropriately from the beginning.?

    She?s right. If your dream wedding takes place outside, you are more or less responsible for building your own venue. That may include all sorts of additional costs like party tent rentals, which are invaluable for couples who choose to celebrate their special day out under the big blue ? and highly volatile ? sky.
  2. Not planning for the worst. That brings us to Vorce?s next point, which is that having a backup plan is essential, particularly when it comes to unpredictable weather. ?The beauty of the danger ? is the unpredictability of weather in an outdoor wedding scenario. It?s critically important to have backup plans in place and cover all of the bases, from rain, snow, wind, and heat,? she said. She goes on to discuss the importance of having a plan, whether it involves party tent rentals or an alternate indoor location.

    Again, party tent rentals are a necessity for an outdoor event. Planning a wedding involves organizing hundreds of details, from invitations to decorations, to food and activities. Renting a tent is not one that should be overlooked.
  3. Forgetting about the guests? needs. It may be your special day, but don?t forget about the hundred or so people who are there supporting you. Vorce told Vogue, ?One of the greatest ingredients for a successful outdoor wedding is to have ?comfort essentials? in place. For example, in sunny and hot environments you can offer a hydrating welcome beverage, parasols, sunhats, or sunscreen to the wedding guests.?

    If you want them to stick around for your first dance or the cake cutting ceremony, make sure all of your guests are enjoying themselves. You may be a little too busy to notice these things during the reception, which is why planning ahead is so important.

Lisa Vorce has orchestrated outdoor weddings in nearly every part of the world, from hot climates to cold ones, dry desserts to gorgeous mountaintops. She even conceptualized the dreamy, candle-adorned, alfresco wedding between John Legend and Chrissy Teigan.

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