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3 Online Tools That Can Help You Find an Apartment

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Moving out of your parents’ house and renting an apartment can be one of the most liberating feelings you’ll ever experience. The only trouble is that it can be tough to find an apartment that meets your needs, and fits your budget. Fortunately, there are tools available nowadays that can make the search for city apartments easier. Here’s what you can use.

Padmapper. Whether you’re looking to just rent a loft, or you want to find the best apartments in the city, Padmapper is a great place to start. It uses data from Craiglist and other places, and maps them out for you, so you can quickly and easily find listings all over the place.

Hotpads. – Hotpads is another great way to find an apartment, especially if you’re particularly budget conscious. It has a ton of great filters that allow you to disregard undesirable apartments, so you can see only the ones you’re looking for. Plus, it has a streetview tool so you can virtually checkout the neighborhood, and see just what exactly you may or may not be getting into.

Lovely. – At first, Lovely was just another run-of-the-mill apartment finder, but eventually it developed some seriously great feature that really set it apart. When you click on one of its listing, you can get a full-page view of all its info and its pictures. Right from there, you can also apply for it. You don’t even have to leave the page. It makes apartment hunting super time efficient. Now, it’s not necessarily the best idea to apply to a place sight unseen, but it’s pretty impressive that Lovely can take care of all the middle-work for you. You can even use Lovely to pay your rent, if the landlord or rental community supports it.

Finding an apartment can be tricky, but these tools can make it easier. If you have any questions, feel free to share in the comments.

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