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Five Must-Have Features to Look for in Your Next Luxury Apartment Rental

Renting an apartment

Renting an apartment has many advantages over buying. One of the chief advantages is no large down payment, as is required when purchasing a home, which frees up this money for smarter investing. Apartment living doesn?t mean giving up luxury. Some of the most beautiful rentals in most cities are apartments. If you?re looking for a rental apartment that says opulence and extravagance, here are five key features that should be at the top of your list.

1. Covered parking.

Before you even walk in the door of your building, you can get a sense of indulgence from a parking area alone. A parking garage protects your car and provides safety as you walk to your apartment. Having covered parking is a deal breaker for anyone looking for the best luxury apartments.

2. Doorman or Security Guard.

Speaking of walking in the door, a doorman or visible security guard is one of the most important amenities to watch for, especially in luxury city apartments. A doorman will keep the public hallways safe and alert you when guests arrive. This simple gesture speaks volumes about the level of opulence to expect within the building. A concierge is even better.

3. Nicely appointed common areas.

If you?ve ever walked through someone else?s trash to get to your apartment, you know that it doesn?t reek of lavishness. A true luxury apartment rental will have well lit, freshly painted and maintained hallways, lobbies and common areas. The concierge staff is generally in charge of maintaining these areas, making a visible building staff a sure sign of luxury.

4. Amenities.

Luxury apartment rentals generally include extra indulgences such as pools, extensive gyms or running tracks, party rooms and even full size movie theaters for tenant use. Many new apartments are being built with whole floors of elaborately decorated common areas for tenant use.

5. Location location location.

It’s true location is one of the top considerations for anyone shopping for a new apartment, those searching for a true luxury apartment rental will find that the right location also affords the right view. Whether it?s overlooking a park or a city skyline, an important bonus of luxury living is what lies outside the windows.

While not everyone has the means to live in a luxury rental featuring all of these amenities, these five features are good to keep in mind when shopping for the right apartment rental, no matter your budget. However, for the discriminating apartment tenant, these niceties are considered deal breakers. What’s at the top of your list?

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