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Why Custom Walking Canes Are Important

Technology has grown and expanded in the past ten years in ways that amaze most of humanity. While there are great advantages and benefits that come along with technology, there are also some dangers. One of the best examples deals with people growing older and using custom walking canes.

As people grow older, they have been kept in better shape thanks to all of the technology and medicine available to the health industry. However, this is where things can get dangerous because when people grow older their bodies are not as strong as before. So make sure that you and the people you love are using custom walking canes for their walking needs!

One in four older adults falls every year in the United States. For older citizens, this can lead to an injury or a serious problem. So walking sticks, wooden canes, stylish walking canes, and canes for better mobility should be used when available. Pride should not interfere with someone’s safety.

Among older adults, over 50% of all falls take place at home. If fall happens at the home of an elderly person then the danger is enhanced by a great amount. Falling alone at home will leave someone down on the ground for quite some time, especially if they live alone!

Every year, over two million senior citizens visit the emergency room for injuries caused by a fall. this type of situation can be avoided by just simply using custom walking canes. Plus, custom walking canes allow for the person who uses them to style their cane and keep them looking as nice as possible. Every 11 seconds, an older adult is treated in the emergency room for a fall.

Two of the most common causes of falls in the elderly are unsteadiness or dizziness when standing up or walking. Dizziness is common for those older in age, but it can simply be solved by just using custom walking canes to help balance them out. Thus, these types of canes and other classy canes are all essential and helpful for people who need mobility devices.

Approximately 7 million Americans use assistive devices like canes to aid their mobility. So there is no excuse for someone older in age to not use their cane. This is something that a lot of people use and thus, there is no shame in looking to custom walking canes for help!

Just under 40% of Americans aged 85 and overuse mobility devices. Almost 4.8 million Americans, which equates to just about 70% of mobile device users, walk with a cane, making canes the most widely used mobility devices in the United States. Almost 11% of all Americans that are over the age of 65 will use a cane to help them move around. Again, there is no shame in using these items for help!

In Conclusion

Every single year there are older citizens that fall and get hurt. This can lead to broken bones, a fractured tailbone, a fractured hip bone, or even more dangerous consequences. So people who are older in age have no excuse to not use custom walking canes to help them move around safely with their health.

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