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When Was Your Last Family Vacation?

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It was the first time you had a chance to talk in days.
As you and your husband sat down to talk about what had transpired in the first few days of the week, you took turns adding to the list. You mentioned that your older daughter had called from college to update the plans for her Homecoming weekend. Your husband mentioned that he would be able to take your younger daughter to next week’s piano recital and then get her back to the high school for her choral concert. You explained that you were subbing the next three days, but that you would be home all day on Thursday and Friday. Your husband reminded you that he would be flying out Thursday morning, but he would be home late Friday evening. As you finished making your way through the list of things your husband mentioned that he had book your younger daughter’s Spring Break airline tickets.
And that is when the conversation ground to an immediate halt. Spring break. Younger daughter. Florida. Traveling with another family for five days at luxury condos on the beach.
Something was not right.
Had you really just so nonchalantly listened to your husband explain that your 15-year old daughter was going on a spring break trip to Florida? She, not you and your husband, was going to be spending most of a week in a condo on a beach. You and your husband would be at home; your college age daughter would be spending her spring break with friends in another condo on another beach across the country.
Let’s get this straight. While you and your husband stay at home, your daughters are each taking spring trips with their friends.
Once the reality of the situation sunk in, your husband swung into action. He called a couple of luxury real estate agents, made some appointments, and by the end of the month you were booking tickets to look at condos for sale in a couple of different dream destinations. So far you had booked a visit to some Lincoln Park single family homes a few minutes from downtown Chicago and another appointment at a new construction site right near the Miracle Mile. For while your daughters were getting ready to enjoy their upcoming beach vacations, you were making plans of your own.
Condos for Sale Can Provide Families with a Second Home for Vacations and Holidays
Families change and evolve. After years of taking care of little ones, parents are sometimes shocked to find themselves in the middle of scheduling trips to see college age children and looking for ways to bring their grown children back together. The challenge of arranging schedules around college breaks, high school concerts, and other various activities can be exhausting. For some families, the solution is a great vacation spot in one of many condos for sale in a easy to access location.
Selecting a big city like Chicago, a location that is affordably accessed through hundreds of flights and an extensive network of public transportation, can be a perfect solution. Family Thanksgivings just a few minutes from some of the best shopping in the nation, professional sporting venues that provide year round entertainment, and luxury accommodations are just a few of the things that attract buyers to a location like Chicago.
Many condo locations across the country make for great beach vacations. Other condos for sale in large cities offer easy access to big city entertainment like Broadway shows and professional sports. No matter where a buyer purchases, however, the goal of a second home is often the same: an opportunity to get away whenever you want and a comfortable place for friends and family to gather.
In a time when many families struggle to get together and enjoy each other’s company, sometimes a new destination is the answer. Adult children with busy lives can often work a layover into a conveniently located condo for a long weekend family reunion. The added attraction of an exciting night life, professional sporting events, and luxury accommodations are an added bonus. Instead of spending all of your time planning your children’s next adventures, isn’t it time for you to make an investment in yourself?

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