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What’s a She Shed? Here’s What People are Doing With Custom Amish Sheds

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Men have the man cave, but what do women have? According to Laura Fruehling, it?s the ?She Shed.? Amish craftsman built the She-Sheds on display at the Duquesne Light Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show.

While the concept itself is fairly simple, the She Shed seems to have hit a sweet spot for a lot of interested women. Fruehling says that the shed isn?t really intended to be a ?feminine version? of the so-called man-cave; rather, it?s basically linked to the growing interest in tiny homes. The sheds come with various accoutrements depending on their intended use; some models featured a greenhouse and potting shed, another had custom furniture and a working oven; still another had a space for reading and drinking wine.

The She Shed: a Home Away From Home

The idea behind the shed isn?t to replace a real house — it?s too small for that. Instead, it can provide a bit of space — a ?home away from home? — and essentially serve as an upscale cabin space. One of the 22 by 10 foot prototypes comes with 200 sq. feet of space, which includes a sink, toilet, and wood stove. All this for $7,000!

Numerous Ways You Can Use a Shed

A She Shed isn?t the only thing you can do with custom Amish sheds. In fact, these sheds have been increasingly popular among consumers across the U.S. over the past several years, thanks to the quality of work, as well as a growing interest in supporting local businesses. A full 100% of Amish furniture is hand-crafted, which can appeal to people who don?t want something with a mass-produced look on their lawn.

What do people do with their custom Amish sheds? Some use them as pool houses — this way, they can provide a covered area for swimmers to change in away from the house, rather than getting water all over the floors. It?s not uncommon for people to use sheds simply to store their outdoor furniture during the winter, as well. If you?re not going to use it, you may as well put it away; snow and ice can be damaging to wooden and plastic furniture and encourages insects and rot once spring arrives.

Ultimately, what you do with custom Amish sheds is your business — whether you make it into a man cave complete with television, snacks and beanbag chairs, or a she shed that lets you garden or kick back and relax — the choice is yours!

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