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What You Need To Know About Craft Storage Organization

Crafting has seen a meteoric rise in popularity in recent years, with more than twenty million quilters – both novices and experts – alone in the United States. While barely over fifty five percent of all households enjoyed crafting activities on a regular basis in 2010, in the mere eight years since that percentage has risen nearly ten percent to include sixty three percent of households as those that enjoy crafting activities. And some have even begun to turn crafting into a career.
There are a number of reasons to enjoy a crafting activity such as embroidery, quilting, or scrapbooking (among many other possibilities). For one, it is an ideal way to relax – while creating something! In a study done on depression, crafting was found to release dopamine into the brain. Participants of the study who created a craft said that they felt happier after the process of crafting than they had before. Though this is by no means a cure for depression, it can help to alleviate symptoms, as well as symptoms of everyday stress and strain.
But crafting has become more than just a hobby for many. In fact, Etsy, a popular website that hosts small businesses and individual crafters who use it as a platform to sell their wares, recently did a survey of five thousand and five hundred Etsy users. Of these users, more than seventy percent considered their jobs to be businesses. Of these workers, nearly one hundred percent worked from a crafting space in their homes and did not rent out a studio or office space.
Because the majority of crafters – both those who craft as a hobby and those who craft more professionally – work from home, it is important that they have organized craft spaces. For the many crafters who have relatively small crafting spaces at their disposal, this can often prove to be a challenge. But through the implementation of storage devices and techniques such as strategic furniture organization, any crafter can create an organized and effective space to work in.
Furniture organization is the first step for the crafter to take in organizing their crafting space. The furniture organization of a space can have a bigger impact than you may think, as furniture organization can actually make a space feel larger than it is. Alongside furniture organization, the utilization of a desktop storage carousel and closet stacking shelves can help to fully employ all the space available. Such home storage products can be found from many retailers, including online ones, along with such storage devices as hobby storage drawers and furniture craft ideas for the best possible furniture organization. Craft room storage ideas can also contain a file bench, ideal for furniture organization as it combines both form and function, allowing crafters access to additional storage without adding any clutter to the crafting space.
Crafting has risen in popularity in the recent years, and, subsequently, so have the need for crafting storage solutions. No matter what your craft of choice is, be it embroidery, crochet, or knitting, it is imperative that your designated crafting space is as neat and organized as possible. This is particularly important if your crafting hobby is also your career, as you will need to keep track of projects, deadlines, and keep track of all sales you make and payments that you receive as well. Because of these additional components, it is all too easy for your craft space to fall into disarray – but all the more important that it does not.
Fortunately, there are many solutions to combat a small crafting space, such as individual storage cubes or even an ink pad organizer. Even making a small change or addition to your crafting space could have a huge impact on your overall organization and, therefore, overall productivity.

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