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What to Do If Your Toddler Is a Picky Eater

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Oh, the wonderful terrible twos. Dealing with the terrible twos comes with dealing with a picky eater toddler, a child who won’t listen, and a miniature human that is two going on 16. But this is just terrible twos behavior, and with a little hard work know that this too shall pass.

Feeding the toddler that is a picky eater is easy with these simple tips and tricks. Read on to learn how you will not have to make multiple meals a day anymore!

Offer them options!

Dealing with a picky eater toddler is easy this way because you will be offering them only healthy options and they can choose what they want to eat! Some ideas include:

Apple wheels with peanut butter

Banana slices with chocolate chips

Broccoli trees and carrot sticks

Ham and cheese on crackers

Cheese ‘building blocks’

Hard boiled egg ‘boats’

Not only will this give you peace of mind that your child is eating healthy, it will minimize drops in blood sugar and cut down on mood swings.

Give them a dip!

Making food interactive is a great way to inspire your children to eat what you want them to. Ideas of dips include:

Greek yogurt

Peanut butter

Cream cheese

Cottage cheese

Fruit preserves


Things you can use to dip could be peppers, carrots, apples, celery, graham crackers, animal crackers, or even rice cakes.

Drink their meal

Say your child is all about straws one day. Make them a smoothie so the can drink their meal! They are easy and can be incredible versatile, just add fruit of your choice, sugar free fruit juice, ice, yogurt, honey, or peanut butter and blend away. You can even add protein powder if they are allergic to nuts.

Make them love veggies

Vegetables are one of the most contested foods for a picky eater. The trick here is to get them to enjoy vegetables without having to be sneaky. Think about planting a garden with your child, cutting them into fun shapes, using them as finger foods, hiding them in their favorite sauce, or making art with veggies! With the abundance of veggies in their daily life, they will soon become avid lovers of this nutrient dense food group!
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