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Top Five Places to Look for Your TV Remote

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Losing TV remote controls is such a common problem that the average TV watcher will spend 2 weeks of their lifetimes searching for television remote controls. Unfortunately, losing your remotes these days may mean that you can’t even use your device: some televisions, DVD players and Blu-ray players have become so streamlined that you can turn them on with a button and that’s about it.

Logitech conducted a survey in 2011 to find out where its customers were losing all their remotes. Use these findings to figure out where your remote went, or just give up and look into replacement TV remotes.

  1. The Couch

    In the poll, 49% of respondents said they found their lost remote in their couch, under the cushions or under the couch itself. Many modern couches don’t have loose cushions, so it’s not as much of a problem as it used to be, but remotes can still fall through cracks or get wedged in a corner. Check your couch before you look anywhere else. Chances are you’ll save yourself the cost of replacement television remote controls.
  2. The Bathroom

    A much smaller number of respondents (only 8%) found their lost remote in the bathroom. It’s not the most irrational thing on the list. After all, if you pause a movie to run to the toilet, you might forget to put the remote down before you leave the living room. It may feel a little weird, but take a peek in your bathroom before giving up on finding your lost remote.
  3. A Dresser Drawer

    This location also came in at 8%, though who knows why. Maybe the remote was in a pants pocket? Maybe people regularly keep remotes in their underwear drawers? Or put things away without thinking about it? To be honest, we’re not really sure what’s going on with that 8%.
  4. The Fridge/Freezer

    At least this one makes some sense. About 4% of respondents reported finding their lost remote in their fridge or freezer. Maybe you got up to get a snack in the middle of Scandal and had to hurry back when you heard the commercials end. If so, maybe you should check behind your vegetables and see if that’s where your remote is hiding.
  5. Outside/In the Car

    A mere 2% found their remotes outside or in the car. We’ve got nothing.

Hopefully this list will help you find your remote. If not, there are plenty of TV remote replacements available online. Replacement TV remotes are cheap and don’t take hours to find. If losing your remote is pretty consistent, it might not be a bad idea to stock up on replacement TV remotes so you always have one on hand.
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