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Three Tips For Moving That Can Cut Your Anxiety Down to Size

Moving packing tips

Even if you’ve hired the best, most reputable long distance movers, the process of uprooting your home is still incredibly stressful. In fact, one in four people say that moving is the single most stressful life experience there is. Some people get so stressed that they look and feel two whole years older.

Things don’t have to be this way, though. If you want to make your relocation less taxing on your nerves, consider using these moving tips and tricks.

Get the Right Supplies.

Some tips for moving suggest that it’s better to look for free supplies wherever you can. This naturally saves money, and though things may be tight right now, it might be worth your while to just go out and pick up everything you need. Buying your moving supplies takes some weight off of your shoulders — since you know you have everything — and makes things easier in the long. Just make sure you have enough boxes, tape, markers, plastic wrap, zip ties, and ziploc bags.

Purge Your Storage.

One of the most common tips for moving you’ll hear is to purge your closets and other storage spaces. If you do, you’ll have less to pack and it won’t be as expensive to move. What these tips for moving are unlikely to tell you, though, is that you should use the one year rule: if you haven’t worn or used something in a year, you can’t keep it.

Inventory Everything.

Loads of tips for moving online preach the practice of keeping a careful inventory, as this will make things more organized, de-stress you, and keep you on track. However, few tips for moving suggest using technology to do so. Believe it or not, there are tons of great inventory apps available that can making it easier than ever to keep track of everything. “Moving Van” is one such app, and it only costs about two dollars.

These are just a few tips for moving that can save you a lot of stress and anxiety. If you have any questions about these long distance moving tips, feel free to ask in the comments. Read this for more:

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