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Three Surprising Reasons you Need an Office Maid Service

If you work in a small office, chances are that the work space is only cleaned a) when the office manager clears out the fridge and b) when the staff purges their unneeded file once a year. Even if the budget is tight, it’s crucial that you keep the office clean by finding an experienced maid service. You and your employees deserve to be in an office space that is cleaned by a professional, because chances are, you aren’t doing it correctly on your own.

Cleaning Correctly Takes Time

Cleaning services are just that: services. A same-day maid service will use the proper tools and materials to ensure that your work space stays clean. Studies show that hiring a maid service can end up saving you 730 hours–that’s an entire month of nonstop cleaning. Worse, in the case of your office, that’s an entire month of time that should have been spent cleaning.

Your Current Cleaning Techniques are Making You Sick

One of the benefits of hiring a maid is that they’ll know the difference between toxic and nontoxic cleaning chemicals. If your haphazard office cleaning includes traditional household cleaners, chances are that you’ve exposed your workers to 150 carcinogenic chemicals. Indeed, about one third of all cleaning products contains products that can harm your health or the environment. A same-day maid service or spring cleaning service will know what chemicals to avoid, ensuring that your office is free of toxins.

Productivity Goes Up in Clean Offices

Office workers are 80% less likely to catch colds if their work spaces are cleaned regularly, and regular cleaning can reduce those office sick days by almost 50%. Interestingly, inhaling dust can also reduce employees’ cognitive abilities by over 5%, so your office will look and feel more productive just with some light dusting and vacuuming.

As you prepare for fall cold and flu season, make sure you’re ready to keep your employees healthy and work space clean with a dependable maid service. A clean office doesn’t just keep employees from succumbing to illness; it represents your professionalism and all the hard work that you and your employees do.

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