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Three Examples of How Landscaping Design Can Help Reclaim Urban Landscapes

If you want to improve your home’s landscape and ensure that it works perfectly for your needs, you should talk to local landscape design companies. Doing this could help you get a beautiful landscape within a reasonable timeframe. If you want to get model home landscaping or find driveway island ideas, you should check online to see if there are any ideas you could borrow from.

If you need to do forest backyard landscaping or feel like you’d prefer a lovely rustic wooded landscape, it’s good to talk to a professional. They can advise you on the best idea to use and also guide you on how to realize the outcome that you want. It’s best to take your time at the planning stage to make sure that you come up with something you’re sure is going to work out perfectly for you.

Remember that it’s also a good idea for you to set a budget for the project with the help of the experts. Leave some allowance for miscellaneous expenses so that you have a good chance of ensuring that everything’s covered. Doing this could enable you to get the project done with minimal hassle along the way.

Modern outdoor landscapes sometimes have both natural and artificial features. Artificial landscape design is giving technicians and artists the chance to create interesting and sustainable new spaces. People are also exploring artificial turf front yard ideas for residential areas.
Many artificial landscaping ideas involve grass that looks realistic. Today’s false grass often has the texture of natural grass. When it’s used carefully, it’s an effective substitute for grass that must be constantly nourished, watered, and cut. More landscaping companies are using turf now. They’re recommending it to customers and organizations who’re interested in saving water or developing relatively low-maintenance landscapes.
Some artificial lawn design ideas might involve other types of false but realistic-looking plants. People sometimes have potted plants outdoors. The flowerpots can become decorative by themselves, and the plants themselves might not be added to the landscape in any other way.
You can use artificial potted plants and get the same visual effect. Many false flowers look completely real. Visitors might not really see the difference unless they handle the flowers themselves, which may not occur. Artificial flowers won’t need real soil, but the fake soil that’s used can be made to look as real as they are.

An estimated four out of five surveyed Americans report that they keep their yards landscaped at all times, and for good reason: landscaping allows homeowners to utilize as much of their land as possible for entertaining, gardening, and living, while also helping a home gain value and curb appeal. With these benefits, it is no wonder that an increasing number of homeowners are hiring professional landscaping services to help maintain their lawns. But did you know that landscape design and equipment for landscaping are used for more than just residential areas? On the contrary, a number of urban areas use landscaping tips and tricks to completely revitalize areas that have been affected by everything from toxic pollution to war. These inspiring landscaping design ideas have given new life to communities by creating public spaces for everyone to enjoy, often in spite of their previous use. Will these landscaping design plans inspire you?

Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord in Duisburg, Germany
With a name meaning “landscape park”, its no surprise that this former steel plant’s 570 acres have been carefully redesigned to meet a number of community needs. Buildings originally used for ironworking now host cultural and corporate functions, an old gasometer is the site of Europe’s largest man-made diving center, alpine climbing gardens have been set up in old storage structures, and a casting house now holds a high-ropes course. Instead of paving over the plant, the landscapers and architects allowed native plants to reform the landscape into a poetic and beautiful space, which can be viewed from an observation tower or through the site’s many bike trails. The park has now been in operation for 20 years and entry is free.

The High Line in New York City
Possibly one of the most famous examples of adaptive landscaping, the High Line is a mile-long piece of abandoned railroad on New York City’s West Side. Under threat of demolition, the site was instead turned into an elevated park, a choice that cost considerably less than it would have to completely demolish and rebuild the area. Today, the High Line is filled with self-seeding plants and cultural attractions and offers amazing views of the Hudson River. As a result, it is now one of the most popular destinations the city has to offer.

The Gardens of Alcatraz in San Francisco
When you hear “Alcatraz”, you’ll likely think of famous prisoners like Al Capone, or possibly the highly-publicized prison escape attempts that ranged from the 1930s to the early 60s. However, did you know that staff members and prisoners transformed the island into a series of extensive, heavily-maintained gardens while Alcatraz was in operation? Because the island is so extremely isolated, these beautiful gardens were an effective way for the island’s inhabitants, including the families of the guards, to retain a sense of normalcy. Although they were abandoned with the rest of the prison in 1963, designers put their brains and equipment for landscaping to work to extensively redesign and renovate the site, returning the gardens to their former glory.

Have these reclaimed urban sites inspired you to pick up some equipment for landscaping and do some gardening? Are you interested in how garden design could change your property? Contact a local garden center or landscaping company today to discuss how modern landscaping can change your home for the better!

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