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The True Value of Charitable Clothing Donations Who They’re Helping

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Have you wanted to get involved in your community, but you’re just not sure where to start? If so, you’re not alone. There are many people just like you who love to donate items or their own time to charity, but they’re unsure how to begin. Research shows that in the United States, around 70% of people donate to charity, contributing over $300 billion in 2012 alone, but the results could be even bigger if we all pitched in.

One easy way for charity novices to get involved is to send their gently used clothing donations to charity. Charitable clothing donations have the potential to help a wide selection of individuals, from homeless individuals, families in need, veterans and military families with financial difficulties, and other low-income populations.

Why are charitable clothing donations so important? Here are a few of their benefits:

    1. They help other people. This is, of course, the biggest advantage of charitable clothing donations. Local clothing donations can go directly to people in your community. Other donations may end up in other parts of the world. Additionally, charities that receive an excess of donations may sell them at a thrift store and use the proceeds to help families in need. Donating clothing has a huge impact on the world around you.

    2. They help the planet. So many people dump their old clothing into landfills once it’s no longer useful. But most the textiles found in landfills could easily be recycled or reused. By cutting down on pollution, you’re helping the environment; you’re also helping reduce pollution because factories will have to produce fewer articles of clothing in the long run. In this sense, we are all affected positively by these donations.

    3. They help you. Because we purchase so much clothing these days, being able to get rid of it and donate to others helps a lot when it’s time for spring cleaning. Additionally, sometimes seeing the amount of “disposable” clothing our families own is an eye opener. By seeing how much we have that can be given away, we can reduce our consumption if it’s a problem.

Have questions about helping others with charitable clothing donations? Leave us a comment below for more suggestions.

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