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The Top Five Reasons To Donate Your Used Clothes Today

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Do you have a few too many shirts and sweaters fighting for attention in your closet? Let’s be honest — it’s no fun having to dig through piles of old or ill-fitting clothing articles just to go out on the town or visit a friend! Thankfully participating in charitable clothing donations are one of the most supportive actions you can do for your community, helping families in need while reducing strain on the environment and saving you money. You can even help your own emotional health in the process! Let’s take a look below at the top five reasons you should look into donations of clothing for your next home project.

Clear Out Your House

First things first — get rid of all that frustrating clutter! Studies have shown that messy houses can cause stress and irritation for people, particularly ones that find themselves inside more often than not, and deeply affect your mental health down the road. Clearing out your closet can free up space around the house that clothes can find themselves on, such as doorknobs or your couch, and can give you more peace of mind. A quick rule of thumb you can follow is checking if you’ve worn a certain jacket or shirt in the past six months. If not, then throw it out!

Help Out The Environment

Did you know that Americans send over 10 million tons of clothing to landfills every single year? Even more jarring is that nearly 100% of household textiles and clothing can be completely recycled! Donating your clothes to charity organizations reuses them in more ways than one, putting them in the hands of those who need them most while simultaneously keeping landfills small and unobtrusive. Everyone benefits! Americans generally only recycle 15% of their clothing every year, so let’s work on making that number higher and the strain on the environment lower.

Save On Taxes

Nobody likes when tax season rolls around! However, participating in donations of clothing can see you saving on costs when you have to start filling out your W-2. Men’s overcoats and suits, for example, are worth around $60 in a tax write-off and specific charity organizations might have certain articles they’re trying to find. Even household items, like coffee makers, can see you saving a little money down the road. Now how about helping those in need?

Assist Those Who Need It

We’ve already touched on how the environment sees plenty of useful materials needlessly thrown out into landfills across the country — now how about the people who want to work with them? Everything from cotton to latex to polyester are essential materials that both manufacturers and designers need to keep their businesses flowing, meaning your old sweater or pair of jeans can see new life in a redesign. Nearly half of all recycled clothing is worn as secondhand clothing, in particular, and can give those in need a useful option during difficult times. Now for the best part of all…

It’s Easier Than Ever

Don’t have time to offer your clothes to charitable donations? No problem! Many organizations looking for donations have found a method of meeting you halfway, offering free and quick clothing drop off services in your part of the neighborhood. It’s as simple as gathering up any and all clothing or furniture items, giving them a call and having them swing by your home for pick up. Make sure to give them easy to follow directions so they don’t get lost! With all these benefits for both your life and society at large, there’s no reason not to consider donations of clothing at your local organization.

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