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The Health Benefits Of Installing Trees Or Shrubbery Around Your Home

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Could your house use a touch-up? It doesn’t hurt to go for a more natural approach.

When your home is starting to feel dreary or out-of-date, a little hardscaping can return it to its former glory in no time at all. Landscape design is a wonderful way of sprucing up your home and bolstering your quality of life all in one go, especially if you put a larger focus on plants. You can add a brand new garden to wile away your hours on the weekend or touch up your lawn to increase your curb appeal. You’ll glean the benefits of having a more natural environment as well as save money in the long-term, a combo ideal for any homeowner tired of the same old thing.

With so many opportunities at your fingertips it can be difficult to know where to begin first. The list below has some great landscaping ideas for beginners and veterans alike.

Did You Know?

What landscape design ideas are sweeping homeowners off their feet? Let Mother Nature be your guide. A survey conducted by the Harris Poll for the National Association Of Landscape Professionals asked over 2,000 adults what they thought of their backyards. Over three-quarters felt it was ‘very important’ to spend time out in their yards, whether it’s relaxing by themselves or entertaining guests. A sedentary lifestyle can have you missing out on all sorts of healthy outdoor activity, meaning a backyard can mean the difference between mediocre health and your best self.

Patios, arbors and mini-gardens are all prime choices to get you feeling comfortable outside again.


Let’s start off with simple bushes. Some homeowners don’t want to go large to start with and just want to touch up the outside of their home. Shrubbery has all sorts of fantastic benefits, each one more surprising than the other. Properly selected plants aren’t just beautiful to behold, they can actively lower your home heating and cooling costs by up to 20%. They do this by providing shade by your windows and doors, taking the strain off your air conditioning unit and helping it to last longer.

Arbors can be added to give your home a truly classical appearance. You can match your wooden arbors or steel arbors with retaining walls to create a wholesome look.


Similar to shrubbery, trees can bring out your home’s outdoor splendor while providing a few additional benefits. A tree can work alongside shrubbery (or by itself, depending on your budget) to reduce heating and cooling costs. They can also reduce noise pollution, a frustrating occurrence in more active neighborhoods that keeps homeowners from feeling truly peaceful in their homes. Still not convinced? Trees and shrubbery work tirelessly to filter the air, removing harmful pollutants, dander and pollen on a constant basis.

Those with allergies or sensitive constitutions will love the end result of their hardscaping services.


There’s nothing quite like a lawn to make your home look good. They give you instant curb appeal as well as offer useful health benefits, similar to the ones listed above. Over 90% of real estate agents will encourage homeowners to invest in a little landscaping before they sell, with outdoor additions proven to reduce the amount of time your home is on the market. Over 85 million households in the United States have private lawns and a recent survey found the average homeowner spending four hours per week (or more) tending to their lawn. A landscaper can make sure you don’t have to worry about unsightly yellow spots or broken grass blades.

The people have spoken. Being eco-friendly is the way to go!

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