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The Easiest Donation You’ll Ever Make

American red cross clothing donations

About 70% of citizens give to the charity of their choice each year. Are you one of them? It should be noted that out of the entirety of income made by these people, only 3% is actually donated. It seems the number would be higher then, if the majority of the population makes a point to make a donation. The reason behind the discrepancy in numbers is that giving doesn’t necessarily mean money. American Red Cross clothing donations, coupled with donating blood to blood banks, and food to food banks, are also valid forms of charity. Here are a few reasons why you should donate clothing the next time you clean out your closets.

The Environmental Protection Agency did a study, and they discovered that the average person throws away about 10 pounds of clothing every year. You might be thinking that of course, people throw away socks full of holes, stained t-shirts, and outgrown sneakers. That is happening, however; it was also found that the majority of clothing and textiles were actually in a good enough condition to be re-used. So even if only half, or even a third of the clothing and textiles being thrown away in the garbage could be salvaged and used by someone else, that is still an enormous amount ending up in the landfills.

Maybe you would like to donate your old clothing items, such as a coat that just isn’t your style anymore, or a pair or three of pants that no longer fit. That’s great, and someone else could use those items. But where do you take them? A popular option is American Red Cross clothing donations, in which the used clothing could be simply dropped off at the nearest location. Make sure the items are cleaned and preferably in a clean container such as a bag or box. Musty smelling donations may be in a bad condition.

If you want to donate clothes, but don’t have time to make a trip to the American Red Cross clothing donations center, see if they offer pick up service. Simply use a search engine for nearby donation centers, and check those that offer free pick up for donations. It makes giving to charity simple and easy.

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